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IBM Watson teams up with Elmo

Apps built on IBM Watson’s cognitive computing platform could make Sesame Street’s Elmo a personalized tutor for preschoolers, reading and analyzing cues in real time and responding with engaging educational activities.

Whaling emerges as major cybersecurity threat

Fraudsters are using legitimate executive names and email addresses to dupe unsuspecting employees to wire money or sensitive documents to their accounts. The CTO of the Boston Celtics, for one, is fighting back.



GNU compilers learn new C++, parallelism tricks

GCC 6.1 defaults to the C++ 14 standard and enhances experimental support for C++ 17


Panama Papers: Soon searchable by everyone thanks to the cloud

How did journalists organize and analyze 2.6 terabytes of data?


Motorola's former president returns to Google to head new hardware division

Rick Osterloh will oversee Nexus devices, Chromebooks, OnHub, and Google's ATAP division, as well as Google Glass.


Malaysia's AIMS receives ISO certification, and marks up two other major achievements

AIMS' CEO Chiew Kok Hin said this is the first APAC datacentre to partner with Ni2 in order to provide ITSM-DCIM-OSS capabilities under one single platform.


Samsung explains why it’s all in on VR

Virtual reality was the star of the show when Samsung executives took the stage this week at its annual developer conference.


Google and Fiat Chrysler near deal on self-driving vehicles

The potential partnership is being called a 'puzzling development'.


Facebook gives Windows 10 a hug with new Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps

Facebook and Messenger get shiny new Windows 10 desktop apps, while Instagram becomes a fully featured mobile app.


OneNote gets easy video embedding and many more new features

The iOS version of Microsoft's note-taking software now makes it easier to move images.


Google’s OnHub router gains IFTTT support on its way to becoming a smart-home hub

Conditions, such as your smartphone joining or leaving your Wi-Fi network, can trigger actions by other devices.


Samsung's Tizen 3.0 to take on Android and iOS starting in September

The company's mobile OS could face a more viable future in IoT.


Developers leak Slack access tokens on GitHub, putting sensitive business data at risk

Researchers found more than 1,500 Slack access tokens for bots and accounts in public GitHub projects.


Cloud storage pioneer Bitcasa is killing its cloud storage

The personal cloud storage service is going by the wayside.



5 things to look for in a partner that can help ease the pain of managing a multi-cloud environment

In the early days of cloud computing you could pick a provider by the development environment or application you were implementing and didn’t have to worry much about integration with other systems. But as the number of cloud resources grows, so does the need to simplify management and integration across different implementations, often times across different clouds.

Using AI to multiply the efforts of human InfoSec analysts

A system that mimics a human can be thought of as a system that generates an army of virtual analysts, but armies need leaders to direct and train them.