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Why Apple Pay could be the mobile-payment system you'll actually use

If you've ever bought gas from inside the station, or perhaps some aspirin from a national pharmacy chain, you've probably seen those payment terminals with a Touch Here sticker at the top, inviting you to pay by just tapping the terminal with your credit card (instead of swiping). If you saw Tuesday's video demo of Apple's new Apple Pay system in action, you probably noticed something very similar.

India's biometric ID project is back on track

The new Indian government has indicated strong support for a controversial project to require residents to have biometric IDs in order to collect government benefits, setting a target of 1 billion enrollments by 2015.

With new iPhones -- and a watch -- Apple moves on from Jobs

Apple certainly had a lot to announce and preview during its almost-two-hour media event for the launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which included not only new phones but the company's new mobile payments system known as Apple Pay and the first preview of the Apple Watch -- set to debut sometime early next year.



Pay up for talent? Is there a security salary disconnect?

Demand for security pros has never been higher, so why are salaries flat?


New survey raises questions about net neutrality regulation, advocacy group says

More than two-thirds of U.S. respondents in a new survey say that decades-old telephone regulations should not apply to the Internet, which suggests that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission should stay away from reclassifying broadband as a regulated public utility, an advocacy group said.


TechEd 2014: 'Working out loud' and other elements of a responsive organisation

Mark Woodrow, customer success manager, Microsoft, shares tips on how companies can adapt, learn and respond to a constantly evolving world.


Microsoft urges African authorities to combat counterfeit phone imports

Microsoft is speaking out publicly to push African government officials to step up efforts to halt the influx of cheap, counterfeit handsets coming into the region from Asia.


Deutsche Bank in Singapore taps on Avaloq for BPO services

The BPO provider will run the bank's wealth management back office in Singapore.


6 strategies for cancelling a major IT project

Sometimes it's better to walk away from an IT project, even a big one, than to fall further down the rabbit hole. These tips will help you cancel a project and keep your dignity (and reputation) intact.




ACCA: Big data analytics is transforming CFO roles, SAP concurs

Jennifer Lopez of ACCA Malaysia says their research finds more CFOs are using technology to drive business.


TechEd 2014: Architects should think like economists to take advantage of the Cloud

Architects should think like economists when creating apps, and let economic principles guide them in building and using elements in the Cloud.


Disruption set to force dramatic change in the data centre: Gartner

Four disruptive factors are set to force dramatic changes in the data centre market by year-end 2016.


Cold-proof Ricoh action cam has Wi-Fi remote control

If you fancy photographing Arctic wildlife, Ricoh Imaging has a new Wi-Fi action camera that works in frigid conditions and underwater.


New standard for ZigBee remotes makes friends with connected homes

Making life easier is the whole point of both home automation and remote controls, so the group behind the ZigBee home network specification has tried to bring the two together more tightly in a new standard.


Google offers $100,000 cloud credit for startups

Looking for more success stories to add to its portfolio, Google has assembled a starter package to help startup businesses ramp up operations with free Google Cloud Platform services.


Bad to the Bonn: European Harley-Davidson phone joins the Windows Phones gang

If you want to look like a badass carrying a Harley-Davidson Windows Phone--sorry, you'll have to move to Europe. But a number of other cheaper Windows Phones are coming to the States.


SDN market could hit $18B by 2018

The enterprise and data centerSDN market grew 192% in 2013 and is poised to reach $18 billion by 2018, according to Infonetics Research.


Windows 9 leak: How the new Start menu could backfire

The latest Windows 9 leaks, showing a Start-menu fusion of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, beg the question: Microsoft, why are you scooping ice cream over a hot dog?


How to avoid online scams when selling your old iPhone or iPad

A lot of people right now are selling their old iPhones and iPad minis to trade up to the supersized iPhone 6 models. Unfortunately, I suspect some of them are being scammed out of their devices -- I nearly was.


SanDisk's new SD card has an insane 512GB of storage

Get a load of this! Sandisk recently announced the world's first SD card with a capacity of 512 gigabytes--half a terabyte of storage. That's right, you'll soon be able to buy an SD card with more capacity than many PC hard drives, as long as you don't mind paying an insane premium for the privilege.



Apple's iWatch will impact workforce enablement and customer interactions

Forrester's JP Gownder shares his expectations on the rumoured Apple's iWatch and the impact it will have on the workforce in this blog.

Rest in peace, Apple iPhone

The iPhone 6 could be a good product, if 'good' is what you're after