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LinkedIn tackles China with a startup approach

China has been a tough market for U.S. Internet companies to crack, but LinkedIn has high hopes it can buck the trend and increase its user base in the country to as high as 50 million over the next five years.

Guardian, Post win Pulitzers for NSA spying coverage

The Washington Post and the U.S. edition of the Guardian newspaper have each won a public service Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the leaks by Edward Snowden that revealed the extent of surveillance on ordinary citizens.



A simple cure for the cybersecurity skills shortage

An approach that has worked for centuries in all sorts of industries is just as applicable to the security field.


Federal CIOs moving cybersecurity beyond compliance

The evolving nature of cyberattacks demands a more dynamic response, according to government CIOs making an effort to implement real-time, continuous monitoring and reporting for security issues.


CIOs and procurement pros partner on cloud services

Cloud services can help CIOs free themselves from worrying about managing data centers, scaling capacity, configuring servers, applying security patches and other routine maintenance so they can focus on providing insight to improve the business.


With Supreme Court appearance looming, Aereo argues for its streaming service

Aereo, the service that streams over-the-air broadcast TV to mobile devices using remote antenna and cloud DVR technology, is about to get its day in court. But before its copyright infringement case goes before the U.S. Supreme Court this coming Tuesday, Aereo is taking its case to the web.


India's Infosys posts strong revenue, profit growth

The outsourcer brought back its first CEO to help revive the company.


Shortage of project managers sends businesses scrambling

When it comes to project management, many organisations find themselves understaffed and that's putting them at a competitive disadvantage, according to a study by ESI International.




Open source trounces proprietary software for code defects, Coverity analysis finds

Forget bad headlines generated by the Heartbleed flaw, when it comes to code defects open source is still well ahead of proprietary software, generating fewer coding defects for every size of project, according to a new analysis by scanning service Coverity.


Hands-on: Eyefi Cloud offers unlimited photo storage through a Wi-Fi SD card

Wireless storage card maker Eyefi (formerly Eye-Fi) unveiled Eyefi Cloud, an unlimited photo storage service, on Thursday morning. The service, which will cost $49 per year, receives photos captured by a camera to Eyefi's own Wi-Fi enabled SD card. The card uploads them to the cloud using a paired, Internet-connected smartphone or tablet as the conduit.


Major Scottish data centre to rely on renewable energy

Plans to build a data centre which relies solely on renewable energy have been submitted to Scottish authorities, as part of a major £40 million project.


Canon Pixma Pro-10: Professional-quality photo prints, right on your desk

The Canon Pixma Pro-10 is a printer aimed at professionals and dedicated enthusiasts who value beautiful photographic prints and want to make them themselves. Sending your prints out to a pro lab will probably cost less and give you more options (like very large prints). But doing it yourself is much more satisfying. It can even produce better results, especially if you're using a printer like the Pro-10.


AMD's profitability streak ends at two quarters

Advanced Micro Devices' bottom line changed from black to red on Thursday when the company posted a loss after two straight quarters of profits.


Replacing messages theater: more screen-sharing alternatives

Apple's iChat had a wonderful feature called iChat Theater--also present in the Mountain Lion version of Messages, just without the "iChat" in its name--that let you share photos, PDFs, or Keynote presentations during a video chat. I used it countless times to give virtual presentations: An audience watching on a projection screen in a remote location could see video of me alongside my Keynote presentation, and I could see video of the audience plus a miniature view of my presentation (and anything else on my screen, such as my email or a Web browser).


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, price and specs 2014

Following the Galaxy S5, Samsung's next flagship Android smartphone will be the Galaxy Note 4. Here's what we know about its release date, price and specs.


Where's my gigabit Internet, anyway?

For Americans used to roughly 10Mbps broadband connections, the idea of gigabit Internet can feel a little like science fiction. Streaming 4K video without hiccups? Enormous file downloads happening in seconds? Oh, sure.


Microsoft extends Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for business

Microsoft on Wednesday extended the Windows 8.1 Update migration deadline for businesses by three months, but again told consumers they had less than four weeks to make the move before the company shuts off their patch faucet.


Glitch hits Virgin Media email distribution lists

Virgin Media has apologised after customers were able to hit reply all to a standard service message yesterday, revealing their personal details to the thousands within the email chain.


Dropbox weaves cloud photo service Loom into Carousel

Another cloud photo service vanishes into acquisition-land: Loom announced on Thursday that it's joining forces with Dropbox, presumably to beef up the storage company's newly launched Carousel app and other photographic features.



Big data, big dilemmas

Isn’t this the truth? ‘Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them’.

Blurred Lines -- Living on the Edge of Digital and Physical Worlds

The “cyber physical” is changing the way we experience everyday life.