3D Printing Alloy Spherical Cobalt Powder

Cobalt powder can be purchased as spheres. Two types of nanopowder are available: chemical, submicron and granular.

Further information on 3D printing aluminumspheres with cobalt Powder Co.

Product description Spherical Cobalt Powder Co

Product Description 15-50mm 15-53mm. 45-75mm. 45-105mm. 75-150mm. (Can be altered according to customer requirements.

Pulverization efficiency rates 99.9%. It is very pure and only contains very small amounts of oxygen. Satellite balls can't predict particle size distributions. When there is extremely low particle density (>=5.0g/cm3), the highest flow rates are 12.0s/50g.

More technologies.

Cobalt is a metal that can be used for the manufacture of magnets, and other heat resistant alloys. Cobalt could also be used for the manufacture of Cemented Caride, which is anticorrosive. For turbine blades, it is possible to make cobalt-based alloys. Impellers. conduits. Rocket engine parts. Rocket engines. For heavy-duty applications, heat resistant materials are needed. You can use cobalt to bond powder metalurgisty. Cobalt can also be used in cement carbide as a strong constituent. Cobalt has many uses, including electronic and thermal spraying.

The spherel can contain high amounts of cobalt

Cobalt Powder Storage Terms

Cobalt Powders dispersion and usability will drop. You can vacuum-pack Spherical Pulver in order to keep it dry. Spherical Cobalt Pulver is a special matter that requires extra attention.

Packaging and shipping for Spherical Cobalt Powder

Did you pick the right option? This indicates how much Spherical Cobalt Pulver is required.

Cobalt Pulver Pack, Vacuum Packaging 100g-500g 1kg/bag 25 kg/barrel

After payment is received you will receive Spherical Cobalt Pulver (or water) It can be sent by postal mail, or you may send it via sea.

3D Printer Material Spherical Pulverized Cobalt Particle Properties

All Other Titles Cobalt Powder
Combination Formula Co
Motility N/A
Appearance Gray metal dust can be found in different formats (ingots, bits or tube).
Melting Point N/A
Water solubility N/A
Density NA
Purity N/A
0-20mm, 15-45mm, 15-53mm, 53-105mm, 53-150mm, 105-250mm
Boling Point N/A
Higher Thermo Conductivity N/A
Thermal Expansion N/A
Younger's Modular N/A
Exact N/A
Monoisotopic N/A

Safety & Health Information

Security Notice N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Flashing Point N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Privacy statement N/A
Transport Information N/A
Germany N/A

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