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Hello Bicycle Mass Release in Shenzhen, Meituan Release Yellow Car, Will Stage a Bike-Sharing War Again

Hello Bicycle Mass Release in Shenzhen, Meituan Release Yellow Car, Will Stage a Bike-Sharing War Again

The harrow bike was dropped illegally

As early as June 2018, the blue and white Harrow bike was quietly launched in Shenzhen, but it didn't take long for the blue and white bike to disappear again. Why is that? As for the illegal release of Harrow bicycles, The Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Commission has interviewed the enterprises with relevant departments and ordered Harrow to take back the released vehicles, or it will restrict the operation of Harrow bicycles in Shenzhen. In fact, in March 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Commission had explicitly rejected the new release plan of Harrow bikes in Shenzhen, so harrow bikes were illegally released. The real purpose of bike-sharing is to solve people's travel problems, not to create chaos for citizens. Although the market demand in Shenzhen is large, it is a rush, and the last is also a feather, in addition to Mobike and other bicycle enterprises are a flash in the pan, so far in the grass beside the road, there are little yellow car rusty figure. The biggest loser, of course, is OFO's minions, whose deposits have not been repaid to date.

Harrow competes with Meituan bikes

Harrow bicycle has been launched into the Shenzhen market in large quantities this year, and it faces up to the old bike-sharing mobike in Shenzhen. It has to be said that it is very brave. This will bring benefits to the majority of cyclists. First, the services of both sides will definitely be improved and the technology will be continuously improved. Second, there are more choices in the travel, the cost will be more preferential; Third, it will be a big improvement for the disorderly arrangement of shenzhen bikes. Meituan did not pay attention to Shared bikes, thinking that Shared bikes are a loss-making business, so the bikes put in shenzhen are a little old, and there is no one to manage them. Just because they are the only one, the service is not good enough. But bike travel brings unlimited traffic to Meituan, see the release of the harrow bike, Meituan is not weak, look, who is this yellow car? Looks familiar, doesn't it? Solid appearance atmosphere.

Bike-sharing is booming

Haijunzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2016, and its legal representative is Ren Liangliang, vice President of Harlow Travel. Its business scope includes value-added telecom business of licensed projects. Tourism business; General projects: Internet of Things technology, public bicycle system and its accessories in the field of technology development, technology consulting, technology transfer, technology services, mechanical equipment, bicycles, electric bicycles, car rental, etc. The company is wholly owned by Jiangsu Yonganhang Low-carbon Technology Co., according to the company's shareholder information. Only when there is competition can there be progress. The bike-sharing market will no longer rush in and throw money at people like before, and everyone will become rational. The orderly competition, the orderly management, the orderly management, is advantageous to the general consumer.

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