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How to Get Rid of the Burden of Public Welfare?

How to Get Rid of the Burden of Public Welfare?

Look for openings in the sunken market

It's no surprise that similar links have appeared and spread in wechat moments and QQ groups. This is a fund-raising link for the unfortunate people in disaster. As for Foundries water, he himself was hospitalized for eight months due to an accident. During his hospitalization, he met many people who had a serious illness, which consumed their family savings. The incident prompted Shen to think about how to use the Internet to help those in need and raise the money needed for treatment. This determines that Water Droplet company belongs to the sinking market from the beginning.Shen Peng does not mind that Water droplet company and Kuaishou, Pinduoduo and Qu Toutiao are listed as the "four Kings of sinking market". Founded as droplet mutual aid and droplet collection, droplet company relies on social chain to spread and get customers from WeChat and QQ in the early stage. But behind the mutual achievement of commonweal and insurance, there are also many problems. "In the first year of the business, The droplets help do not standard enough, was interviewed." Shen peng said that in the first year of selling insurance, the descriptions were not standard, and many users said Shuidi was not professional. If the problem of unprofessionalism needs time to be solved, then the dispute caused by doing public welfare and competing for traffic is a long-term contradiction that Shuidi company has to face.

Get rid of the burden of public welfare

Use fundraising treatment, network mutual assistance to obtain accurate flow, and then sell insurance products for cash. This also means that, in fact, shuizi company or traffic business, in addition to WeChat and QQ, but also need to obtain offline traffic. Hospitals have become the main channel for Shuidi company to obtain offline traffic. As a rival, Light Group and Water Drop have clashed several times in hospitals. On the one hand, Shuidi company started as a public welfare company, and even as an Internet donation information platform designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the public welfare image has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. On the other hand, Water Droplet company is also a platform driven by interests. Due to the conflicts between interests and competitors, it shows the most realistic aspect of business to the public. As for the commercialization of Shuizhong, Shen has exercised restraint, such as insisting on no fees for fundraising and taking a more rigorous approach to risk control, audit and other fundamentals. But when public and commercial interests intersect at the same time in the company, controversy and problems are inevitable. How to balance business and public good? As long as shuidi continues to do, this problem will always be with Shen Peng.


I want to be a freer entrepreneur to do what I want to do more easily,' Mr. Shen said. "I really want the investors to believe in me, give me all the votes, and in the long run, have the freedom to do what we want to do to make this company better." In each round, Shen talks one-on-one with investors until they agree with him. Four years after starting his own business, Shen peng and his company Will stand at the crossroads of "going public". The problem he still faces is how to run a good business while doing charity work.

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