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Self-Driving Taxi Service Has Been Launched, and It is Only Open for Trial Ride in ShangHai

Self-Driving Taxi Service Has Been Launched, and It is Only Open for Trial Ride in ShangHai

Autonomous Driving Service

Didi Chuxing opened its self-driving service to the public for the first time on June 27 with the launch of a large-scale manned demonstration application for intelligent Internet-connected vehicles in Shanghai. Users can register online through Didi APP. After passing the approval, they will be able to call autonomous vehicles for a free ride in the Autonomous driving test section in Shanghai.At this stage, didi's self-driving manned test will only be conducted on the open test road in Shanghai, passing through core areas such as automobile exhibition centers, office areas, subway stations and hotels. Users can use didi's APP to select destinations within the range of open roads to experience autonomous driving services for free.It is worth noting that on the day of the first full process live broadcast lasting 2 hours on the open road, didi self-driving online car hailing happened to meet the heavy rain in Shanghai, and the car was still running smoothly and receiving orders normally.


It is understood that in the industry, the current autonomous driving technology can already be used in a small area of local areas. Rainy days, nighttime and extreme scenarios have been a constant problem for autonomous driving companies around the world. In rainy days, autonomous vehicles face several challenges: for lidar, raindrops, water on the ground and splashing water may cause noise points, which is equivalent to poor vision of the "driver". Algorithms need to effectively remove these noise points, or it will easily cause all kinds of emergency braking. Secondly, rainy days affect the grip of automobile tires and put forward higher requirements for the control system of automatic driving system. In the case of water on the ground, the positioning accuracy will become poor. In rainy days, when pedestrians hold umbrellas, it is relatively long tail, which requires the machine to have good training data coverage and sufficient algorithm redundancy to ensure the recognition. Safety has always been the top concern for users of the self-driving experience.


Now, calling self-driving cars via online ordering is becoming a new way for many platforms to actively promote landing. According to public information, Didi started to set up an autonomous driving research and development team in 2016, and now has nearly 400 people in China and the United States. So far, Didi has obtained road test qualifications in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and California in the US, and was awarded the first manned demonstration application license in Shanghai last September. Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of Didi Chuxing, said, "We believe that ultimately AI technology will greatly improve driving safety and efficiency for the benefit of mankind, and Didi's greatest advantage is the scene and data as well as the determination to invest in it. "We also believe that self-driving technology is mature, business mature and regulation mature, with long road blocks. It needs at least a decade of continuous investment and preparation to face all kinds of difficulties and challenges, but the direction is clear and firm." "The warm service of drivers will not disappear due to the emergence of new technology, and autonomous driving will also create new jobs and jobs for ride-hailing drivers," Cheng said.

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