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What are the Advantages of Apple Mobile Phones Compared with Domestic Mobile Phones

What are the Advantages of Apple Mobile Phones Compared with Domestic Mobile Phones

The screen

The screen of iPhone can be said that no other domestic mobile phone can match it. Like the original iPhone XS series, it had an $80 OLED. (In terms of the following aspects, apart from Huawei, who else can compete with domestic mobile phones? Apple has used the P3 screen since the iPhone7. Android USES a wide gamut screen. Since the system cannot tell whether the content displayed on the screen is SRGB or P3, it will force the use of a high gamut screen, resulting in color oversaturation and distortion. Because of this, the △ E value measured by P3 color range of Android phones will be very high. The wide gamut function is completely wasted.

Speaker and video performance

Whether it's sound quality or stereo, the results presented to the user are fantastic. The XS series, in particular, was able to deliver 360-degree stereo in such a small space as the phone. Shooting video mainly depends on the CMOS read speed. The iPhone can get 4K 60P or 1080p 240p video output on the CMOS block. If you want to compare the picture quality effect, you can stretch the domestic mobile phone by a very large distance. The iPhone's recording capability is very powerful. If you have a short video that needs post-processing, use the Cool Video Editor. Not only can pieced together fragmentary video, but also can be transferred, which is very suitable for post-processing the video.

X axis vibration motor

Apple has been adding this technology since the iPhone 6S. Even the speakers have vibrating motors. For example, if thumb up is randomly placed on zhihu, there will be slight vibration feedback. That's not to say android phones don't have vibration feedback, it's just that iPhone phones will be richer. Most of the domestic mobile phones can only control the duration of the vibration, but can not control the time and length as the iPhone.

Waterproof and dustproof

In previous versions, the XS was able to soak in water for 30 minutes with no effect, and the iPhone XS series was stronger. But for now, it seems that among domestic phones, with the exception of Huawei's flagship device that can reach this level, there is no need to think about phones below 5,000. The iPhone's body, the most durable glass panel to date, is tightly encapsulated with surgically accurate stainless steel bezels to create a more waterproof body.

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