French implements blockade order, people are restricted from staying at home except necessary to go out, and the price of molybdenum disilicide has dropped slightly

The French Ministry of Health said on the 18th that in France, 1,404 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed within 24 hours, and 89 increase deaths were reported. At present, France has accumulated 9134 confirmed cases and 264 death cases. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, France imposed a blockade across the country. On the first day of the blockade order to curb the spread of the new crown virus, the French police issued more than 4,000 tickets to those who arbitrarily went out in violation of the blockade order.

French Minister of the Interior Christoph Kastana told TF1: "From this morning, we have begun the registration process, and 4095 people have been registered for violations of regulations." The French are restricted at home except for the necessary travel. If they need to go out, they must sign a document stating where to go.
"Our goal is to protect the French, and the best way to protect lives is to stay at home," Kastana said. Asked about the fact that many people across France are still walking or jogging, Kastana told that as long as people go out alone, this is allowed.
Luoyang Trunnano Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, which is known as China's molybdenum capital. The company is mainly committed to the development and application of nanometer new materials.
Affected by the French epidemic, demand declined, and the price of molybdenum silicide dropped. "We have been supplying products steadily, ensuring product quality, and slightly reducing the supply price of molybdenum silicide," said Rachel Luoyang Trunnano Sales Manager.
As one of molybdenum silicide producers , Trunnano has been committed to the development of the international market for molybdenum silicide materials. If you are interested in molybdenum silicide, please contact Rachel, Global Marketing Leader at Trunnano.

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