Magnesium nitride introduction and application

What is Magnesium nutride? Magnesium-nitride (inorganic compound) has the chemical formula Mg3N2. It belongs to the cubic crystal systems. At room temperature pure magnesium nitride powder is yellow-green, but contains some magnesium oxide impurities. Magnesium Nitride reacts with ammonia to make it, and is used often as a catalyst.

What is magnesium nitride?
The color of magnesium nitride can be described as yellow. We have not seen any yellow residues from the heat. Students notice the lack of yellow products often and silently or explicitly skip the second heat.
What is the soluble magnesium nitride in water?
Magnesium-nitrate is an extremely water-soluble, high-quality source of crystalline manganese that can be used in conjunction with low (acidic), pH compounds and nitrates. The majority of magnesium nitrate compounds can be dissolved in water. Oxidants are also available for nitrate substances.
Application Magnesium Nitride
The synthesis can be catalyzed by magnesium nitride. This was the catalyst used to create cubic boron trioxide.
Robert Wentorf (chemist) was working to transform hexagonalboron nutride into cubic boron triide in 1957. The conditions he tried included heating, pressing, catalysts and many combinations thereof. All the possible catalysts, such as those used for diamond synthesis, were tried. But nothing worked.
He added magnesium to hexagonal-boron nitride (4] later out of curiosity, and as a desperate endeavor to make more false attempts, It was discovered that the magnesium contained tiny dark chunks which could scratch polished boron nitride, as it is the only known material to cause such scratches.
Wentorf noticed ammonia-like odors in magnesium nitride and moist air. He concluded that this reaction produced magnesium oxide, which was a catalyst for the formation of cubic boron nutride.
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