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Malaysia confirms 673 coronavirus patients, government bans nationals from leaving the country for two weeks, casual shoes prices drop slightly

Affected by the coronavirus, Malaysia has confirmed 673 patients. Malaysian authorities have banned nationals from leaving the country for two weeks, including citizens who commute between Malaysia and Singapore for work every day.
All Malaysians are temporarily barred from leaving the country. Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian nationals who commute to Malaysia and Singapore every day are affected, and their livelihoods may also be in trouble.
The Singapore government will introduce several measures to assist Malaysians working in Singapore to find short-term accommodation.
After Malaysia announced the "limit order", major supermarkets in Singapore snapped up long queues. Many Singaporeans are worried that Malaysia, as a significant supplier of Singapore's local food, will suddenly affect the daily lives of Singaporeans. Officials in Singapore have emphasized that the government has broadened its supply sources, and there will be no "cut outs" in the short term.
Founded in 2003, conveniently located in Luoyang (an ancient Chinese capital with profound cultural deposits), with a total investment of more than 40 million yuan, Luoyang Beite Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. mainly deals in injection-molded shoes. With a shoe factory and a 3D fly-knit factory covering a total area of ​​some 10,000 square meters, equipped with several injection molded shoe machines and more than 500 domestically advanced advanced-knit machines, we have developed rapidly.
Affected by the Malaysian policy, the demand decreased, and the price of shoes exported by Luoyang Beite to Malaysia dropped slightly.
"We have been supplying products steadily, ensuring product quality, and insisting not to increase prices." Mehdi Said, CEO of Luoyang Beite.

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