Samsung's foldable phone design is detailed again in the new patent

Samsung currently offers two foldable phone designs. The Galaxy Z Flip line is known for its compact vertical folds, while the Galaxy Z Folding line is known for its book-like mechanism. However, according to a new patent, Samsung maybe adds a third system to future foldable phones.

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung recently received a patent for a phone that has three different parts that can be folded into a Z-shape. The design also allows part of the screen to act as the main display, with a built-in display fingerprint sensor. When fully unfolded, the phone resembles a small tablet computer. The phone has three rear-facing camera arrays and a USB port for charging and data.
Interestingly, the patent sketch also describes how Samsung might distribute the internal structure of the phone among these three parts. There are only batteries and circuit boards for the rear and front foldable sections. The middle section provides structural rigidity and strength for the device and seems to lack any key internal components.
Samsung's foldable phone: When will it be released?
It's worth noting that this isn't the first time we've seen or heard of Samsung's plans for a foldable device. In April 2021, a slightly different patented design emerged detailing an alternative to a dual-fold system. A few months later, Samsung unveiled a functional prototype of its "foldable" format, giving us a glimpse into how the device works.
While the latest patent shows that Samsung's design is relatively perfect, don't bet on such a device in 2022. Patents are not always guarantees or direct previews of consumer devices. That said, a dual-fold system seems like a natural evolution for a foldable phone, especially if getting more screen real estate is the goal.


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