Singapore has made the worst plan for COVID-19, helping employees and companies, and striving to support enterprises to the end of the epidemic

Singapore has made the worst plan for COVID-19, helping employees and companies, and striving to support enterprises to the end of the epidemic


As of noon today, Singapore has added four new 2019 coronavirus diseases (COVID-19), which are related to the Wizlearn Technologies infection group, which has increased the number of locally confirmed cases to 102.

The way Singapore takes

The approach adopted by Singapore is different from that of China. People are not encouraged to wear masks when they go out, but instead remind people to wash their hands frequently, reduce large-scale activities, and live as usual. In tracing the source of the case, we worked closely across departments and strictly implemented the instructions for isolation and home notification. The local epidemic has eased significantly, with more cases being discharged than new cases.

Possibility of economic regression to 2010

The Singapore stock market plummeted by more than 100 points or 3.23% on Friday. Investors have just begun to weigh the Singapore economy into a new trough period. Of course, in the long run, the "epidemic" may have a more severe impact, including a reduction in labor. And reduced productivity, lack of investment information, import and export data, and may even cause the order of globalization to be readjusted.

Once a "pandemic" occurs, the short-term impact on Singapore's economy will be similar in depth and duration to the average of the 2010 recession.

Singapore Help Enterprise and Employee Program

The Singapore Federation of Trade Unions has set up a new Employment Security Alliance to find jobs for employees who may face the threat of unemployment. So far, more than 4,000 companies have joined the program, and they employ more than 500,000 employees; 90% of them are SMEs. The current 2019 coronavirus disease epidemic is continually showing its impact on the world and the local economy. The launch of the "Employment Security Alliance" is a timely move, on the one hand, it will provide peace of mind to employees facing the threat of layoffs, and on the other hand, it will also help companies The transformation must reorganize human resources to provide aftercare arrangements.

The data shows that middle-aged employees, professionals, managers, and executives (PMET), 40 to 50 years old, artificial intelligence, big data, new social progress have replaced their jobs, and they are in a life that must support their families. Stage, so it is inevitable to feel anxiety and fear of the threat of unemployment.

When Singapore announced its budget for the new fiscal year, it safeguarded its work and actively restructured and upgraded to strive for upstream after the epidemic, through its strong competitiveness after the transformation. Of course, coronavirus is a long-term process, and some companies may not support the day when the outbreak is over.

Researchers have also found that nano-silver solutions are effective for SARS, but there is currently no team to study whether nano-silver solutions affect coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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