What is Calcium stearate emulsion?

What is Calcium stearate emulsion?
Calcium stearate emulsion refers to calcium stearate water-based, also known as water-based calcium stearate, calcium stearate dispersion liquid, milky dispersion, easy to disperse in water, with a sense of greasy.
Calcium stearate emulsion preparation.
The preparation process comprises the following steps: dissolving stearic acid by chloroform which is taken as a dissolvent; performing recrystallization on the dissolved stearic acid; washing the stearic acid by chloroform to obtain high-purity stearic acid; reacting the high-purity stearic acid with calcium hydroxide at 100 DEG C for 90 minutes; and dehydrating, drying and smashing the reacted mixture to obtain the finished product. The product is high in quality and is higher than the standard of national firsts. The production process is simple, the production cost is low, and the preparation process is applicable to industrial production.

Calcium stearate emulsion application 
The main effect of Calcium stearate emulsion applied to waterborne coatings is to improve the smoothness and fluidity of the wet coating surface to the maximum extent by reducing the interfacial tension, so that it is easy to spread flat on the paper flow, thus improving the coating adaptability and improving the coating surface by endosing the dry coating with certain plasticity and slipp ability.
Calcium stearate emulsion, as a lubricant of the paper coating layer, can improve the lubricity and hydrophobicity of the coating surface, improve the smoothness of coating, make the paper smooth and smooth, and prevent cracking after drying.
When calcium stearate emulsion is applied to the printing industry, it can prevent powder and hair loss during supercalender, cutting and printing, thus improving the appearance and printing performance of paper. Calcium stearate emulsion can be used as a polishing agent in textile products to improve surface hydrophobicity. Calcium stearate emulsion can also soften natural rubber and whole rubber but has almost no effect on vulcanization. Also, it can be used as a rubber isolation agent, release agent.
Calcium stearate emulsion can lubricate the metal materials of cold extrusion, cold stamping and cold drawing when applied to metal. It can also be used as a heat stabilizer of PVC and a variety of plastic processing lubricants, release agents, etc. In the construction industry, calcium stearate emulsion is applied to foamed cement products, which can improve foam stability and waterproof performance of foamed cement products during the foaming process. And it can be demoulded for cement products.
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