Microsoft's Cortana is expected to be called Bingo

According to Big Bets Newsletter, Steve Ballmer hopes that Microsoft's Cortana AI will be named "Bingo" so that it will be more like the Microsoft brand. This is the statement of former Microsoft product manager Sandip Paluchuri, who told writer Alice Newton Rex about the origin of the name of Microsoft's artificial intelligence assistant Cortana as part of an in-depth study of the origins of Cortana.

In the years after the release of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant, we have had a good understanding of its ambitious vision. Paruchuri and Rex revealed the internal story of Cortana, including how it was named and how it entered management. And the conflict between dream and reality. It also includes some interesting details, such as how this assistant became one of the main advertising spots for the doomed Windows Phone platform.
Cortana should have been a code name, but it has been used. This article reminds us well that the interesting origin story behind the assistant named "Cortana"-the name is taken from the character in "Halo". And only used during the development process. According to Paruchuri, it should be called Alyx, but when the name was leaked, Halo fans and tech writers were so crazy that Microsoft decided to officially name it Cortana.
Although not all artificial intelligence stories are as interesting as Ballmer's idea of naming Microsoft's popular search engine.

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