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The High Technology of Logistics Industry

The High Technology of Logistics Industry

Drone delivery - let the package fly for a while

Delivery is another key link after sorting. Several delivery companies have started to deploy unmanned vehicles and drones in the logistics sector. Sf Express, for example, began testing drones to deliver packages in 2013. According to sf Express's annual report, as of February 2017, THE company had declared and obtained 111 patents in the field of drones. drones have been put into operation in Beijing, Xi 'an and other places. As of November 2016, has completed more than 10,000 minutes of flight time, nearly 10,000 kilometers of flight mileage and more than 1,000 sorties, according to Earlier,'s driverless cars made successful deliveries in Beijing's Yizhuang district. After the unmanned vehicle loads the goods at the distribution station, it will deliver the goods to the designated location through autonomous path planning, and notify the user of receiving the goods through JD APP, SMS and other means. The user will enter the pick-up code in front of the unmanned vehicle and then open the warehouse to collect the goods.

Special mobile phone software for couriers

Knowing the location and delivery time of couriers in real time can reduce waiting times for customers. Yto has launched its "traveler" mobile phone software, which allows couriers to grab orders, scan them with one click and send messages to customers. The software also has functions such as digital singles printing, map navigation and instant check of receipt status. According to Yto, the map navigation function of the software allows consumers to know the "whereabouts" of couriers in real time and know when the couriers will deliver the goods to their homes, so they don't need to wait for couriers as blind as before.

Sorting Robots - Minions of the delivery industry

Some robots, equipped with orange trays, whisk packages to their assigned locations to sort them out. According to media reports, the robots can sort and deliver small packages that are less than 60 centimeters long and 50 centimeters wide and weigh less than 5 kilograms. Each code sweep time is less than one second, the operation speed can reach three meters per second, can complete 18,000 pieces of sorting per hour. Netizens commented that they "seem to see a group of little yellow people" and "the robot of sweeping the floor quit to do express delivery". In terms of policy, promoting scientific and technological innovation has become an important task for the development of the express delivery industry. The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Express delivery Industry released by the State Post Bureau clearly stipulates that express delivery companies are encouraged to adopt advanced and applicable technologies and equipment to promote the research, development and application of robots, drones and unmanned vehicles.


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