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A new member of the sports shoe family: A few talks about several flying woven upper materials

Flying woven upper and light running shoes, the latter two terms are estimated that few people have heard of, especially flying woven upper. Put, it is a leading shoe processing technology in China. Applying this technology to running shoes will significantly improve the original function of running shoes. Now let's first briefly understand what types of standard running shoes are: the first is the stable type, which provides consistent support and shock absorption to provide more stable performance in sports, is to allow the Foot to bear a reasonable mechanical distribution, suitable for standard Foot; the second type is the shock-absorbing type, which is our most common type of running shoes. It places too much emphasis on cushioning performance between support and shock absorption. The relative stability of the foot feel is better, suitable for inversion feet. And standard Foot; the third is the control type, what is the control type? Perhaps many friends have not heard of it. This is a relatively rare running shoe variety on the market. Controlled running shoes are generally suitable for people with flat feet and will be more comfortable to wear. They are limited in China.

The running shoes with flying woven uppers have all the characteristics of the above running shoe types, which are more lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and fit the feet more closely after wearing, making the feet more comfortable and conducive to sports. This is why light running shoes will develop in the direction of flying woven upper technology. Flying woven shoe high is made of yarn. Below I will briefly introduce several kinds of yarn commonly used in operating woven shoe upper.

Yarn is used as the central part of the flying woven upper material, and the mainstream materials in the market are polyester [nylon] nylon hot melt wire, elastic thread, full extinction, nylon fish thread, bamboo charcoal fibre, raw silk, AB yarn, high flexible Line etc. A good yarn material can achieve a high-quality upper, and a good upper can accomplish a pair of high-quality flying woven sneakers. So the choice is essential.

Hot fuse: Hot fuse, also known as low melting point or natural fuse, can be divided into the imported burning fuse and domestic hot fuse, nylon and polyester hot fuse, and split into full melt and semi-melt. It controls the melting point at 110 ℃, 160 ℃ and 180 ℃, and has excellent dimensional stability.

Among the characteristics of the woven fabric: 1. Excellent thermal adhesion performance 2. Easy to mix with other fibres 3. Stable processability

Its main application areas: 3D flying woven uppers, curtains, chenille yarns, collars, ribbons, trousers stickers, Bondi thread, badminton racket thread, tennis racket thread, lining, etc.

At present, the market mainly focuses on three types of hot-melt filaments: semi-melt polyester, fully-melted polyester, and nylon mostly melted.

Rubber thread: The rubber thread is also named as rubber thread, rubber thread, elastic thread, sling line, etc., using imported A-grade rubber thread as the core, made of high-quality double-strand fibre yarn (polyester or nylon yarn Ming Te Duo Long silk or nylon silk) double-wrapped, according to customer requirements to produce stretch, stretch and twist! The raw materials provided by using the raw materials of A-grade and high-quality products are stable in quality, durable and anti-aging!

Its main application areas: flying woven shoe uppers, ribbon factories, weaving factories, socks factories, sporting goods, apparel factories, labour insurance supplies, etc.

At present, the market is mainly dominated by a single package and binary package.

The current main business of BEITE is: gourd webbing, mercerized belt, jacquard/jacquard belt, nylon/polyester high-strength belt, military thickened webbing, woven shoe upper

BEITE's honest, pragmatic and straightforward service attitude has won countless loyal customers. Nowadays, the continuous expansion of the enterprise is entirely supported and encouraged by customers and good friends from all over the country! The sincere friendship comes from muscular production strength and market competitiveness.

BEITE expresses its unremitting pursuit of quality and service with the business philosophy of "quality first, honest service", "from the customer's actual needs, with excellent and preferential prices as a guarantee, to achieve sincere and pragmatic after-sales service, to make a win-win situation.

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