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Advanced materials: wavelength tunable mid infrared laser based on black phosphorus nanosheets

in recent years van der Waals layered semiconductor materials due to its unique b structure photoelectric properties in the exploration of basic physical properties new device applications are of great significance. Among them nano lasers based on van der Waals layered semiconductors have attracted great interest due to their high integration low power consumption excellent performance. At present two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenide nanolasers have been widely studied the laser output from visible to near-infrared spectrum has been obtained. It has great potential in the fields of gas molecular detection biosensor imaging space quantum communication. Black phosphor as a narrow b gap layer semiconductor is an ideal choice to achieve these goals. The direct b gap depending on the number of layers can cover a wide spectral range from near infrared to mid infrared; the folded honeycomb crystal structure endows black phosphorus with anisotropic exciton optical electrical transport properties which makes it possible to realize new functional optoelectronic devices. Up to now the optical studies of black phosphorus mainly focus on the spontaneous emission recombination of few layer structure. The study of stimulated radiation in optical microcavity will promote us to underst the interaction between light matter the mechanism of the device.

in view of this a vertical cavity surface emitting mid infrared laser based on the coupling of mechanically stripped high-quality black phosphorus single crystal nanosheets distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) was recently reported by Professor Pan Anlian of Hunan University Lu Wei research team of Shanghai Institute of Technology physics Chinese Academy of Sciences. At first the researchers proved the efficient radiation recombination of black phosphorus at room temperature by variable temperature fluorescence measurement. On this basis the mid infrared lasing peak at 3.6 μ m wavelength the accompanying superlinear power dependence are successfully observed by using pulsed light pumping. The angle dependent polarization detection reveals that the linear polarization caused by crystal anisotropy is affected by laser radiation. At the same time the packaging protection of the DBR microcavity of the laser device can avoid the quality damage caused by the external environment thus ensuring the good working stability of the device maintaining the laser output to 360K. By controlling the thickness (number of layers) of black phosphor to change the length of microcavity a wide range tuning of 3.4 μ m-4.0 μ m was achieved. This work demonstrates the excellent optical properties of black phosphorus as a mid infrared gain medium provides a new way opportunity for the realization of a novel wavelength tunable linearly polarized coherent light source for silicon-based optoelectronic chip integration.

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