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Advanced optical materials: the road to simplicity

terahertz wave (0.1-10 THz) has shown great application prospects in the next generation of wireless communication security imaging radar detection medical diagnosis biosensor other fields. With the rapid development of terahertz technology the dem for terahertz absorbing materials is increasing. For example terahertz absorbing materials are needed to reduce sidelobe radiation or obstacle scattering / reflection clutter in terahertz communication transceiver channel; terahertz absorbing materials are also needed to reduce background noise improve imaging effect or instrument test accuracy in terahertz imaging high-precision test system; terahertz absorbing materials can be used in future radar detection technology In order to reduce the radar cross section (RCS) give terahertz equipment stealth characteristics. Terahertz absorbing materials can also significantly reduce the electromagnetic radiation of the surrounding environment which is also very important for improving the quality of human settlements.


is a potential way to realize broadb terahertz absorbing materials which is to use porous conductive network structure. The surface of porous materials is similar to the electromagnetic parameters of air so that electromagnetic waves can easily enter the material be absorbed by loss. However the porosity of the conductive network the mechanical strength of the material are two main problems for the porous materials to meet the practical application requirements. Generally speaking larger pores can reduce the surface reflection make more electromagnetic waves enter the material but on the other h more electromagnetic waves can not be fully absorbed through the material which reduces the electromagnetic wave absorption effect. In addition in order to obtain porous structure high conductivity network structure special material preparation methods post-treatment processes are often needed including strong acid-base treatment freeze-drying high temperature heat treatment so on. The mechanical properties of the obtained materials are difficult to meet the actual needs such as flexibility extensibility compressibility so on.

are aimed at these technical difficulties. The

team of the University of Electronic Science technology of China the Xiao Xu team use large area MXene two-dimensional nanosheets large diameter polyurethane (PU) sponge. Through the simple method of “immersion adsorption” a stable strong absorption broadb terahertz absorption foam is synthesized. The work of

proposed a new idea for constructing terahertz broadb absorbing materials by using super large pore polymer elastic foam (PU) to adsorb high conductivity MXene nanosheets. Through reasonable structure optimization the researchers have constructed an open-hole conductive structure that can match the terahertz wavelength in geometric space achieved good impedance matching which makes it easier for terahertz wave to enter into the material cause electrical loss. At the same time the research found that mxene two-dimensional nanosheets with ultra-high conductivity strong dispersion in aqueous solution according to the different loading capacity Pu pore size formed rich forms such as skeleton wrapping nano film-forming irregular hanging on the Pu network framework constructed a three-dimensional conductive network structure with large pore size (~ 650 μ m) ultra-high electrical loss area. The irregular mxene nanosheets with different shapes provide a lot of terahertz reflection refraction absorption in the absorbing material which makes the absorbing material achieve ultra-high absorptivity of 99.99% extremely low reflectivity of 0.00003% in the range of 0.3-1.65 THz with a thickness of 2-4mm. At the same time the absorbing material has excellent properties such as stable structure good mechanical strength ultra light ultra-thin. It also has many advantages such as simple preparation process large area preparation. It has important application potential in terahertz imaging 6G communication high frequency terahertz testing system equipment stealth technology.

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