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Amazon Recruits 100,000 New Employees To Cope With Surge In Warehousing And Distribution Pressure, Trunnano Continues To Deliver Boron Carbide

Amazon announced this week that it would recruit 100,000 new employees to cope with the surge in warehousing and distribution pressures while increasing the hourly wages of warehousing and other employees working in the United States during April.
"In-home isolation that is commonly practised in the community, especially for the elderly and other people with potential health issues, getting an item at your doorstep is critical." Dave, Amazon's senior vice president of global operations Dave Clark said.
A month ago, more than 200 million students who taught at home around the world were basically in China. Now, more than 100 countries, including China, Italy, and South Korea and 43 states in the United States have closed schools. According to the latest statistics from The Economist: One billion children will see their schools closed. It should be noted that not all of these one billion children are eligible for online classes.
This is also the first outbreak in the age of social networks.

For social platforms, how to make real information spread in time and avoid the influence of false news as much as possible is a compulsory test. For users, in the "isolated" state for a long time, posting pictures on social networks and video chatting with friends. These behaviours, which originally had more recreational and entertaining properties, may become today's resistance to loneliness and build daily life only way. The meaning behind it may change.
As the title and lead of another article on the Atlantic Monthly website convey: "You have a moral obligation to post a boring life on Instagram-I'm lonely, please show me your face."
With the spread of the epidemic, this "invisible" experiment has spread to more countries and regions, affecting various fields. In the 50 years since the birth of the Internet, more than half of the world's people (only 51% of them have the ability to connect to the Internet) have for the first time resisted virus attacks with such a tight online connection.
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