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An incredible shirt, bringing you the most realistic experience in the game

Owo developed the Owo Game tactile shirt, which allows your body to feel every blow in the game. This scary invention won the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award. It can interact with games on mobile phones, PCs, consoles, and VR platforms. It can currently provide users with 30 unique experiences, more of which are planned developers.
Owo's shirt not only makes you uncomfortable-it can also give you the feeling of free fall or driving at 100 mph, and you can even feel a virtual hug. You can also experience the sensation of being stabbed, shot (including the wound when the bullet leaves your body), and even the sensation of being bitten by an insect.
But there are some ways to reduce or turn off the intensity of each sensation. So if you want to make your video game pain-free, you can keep it this way while still experiencing a deeper level of immersion.
Even considering how scary this Owo shirt sounds, we want to try every feeling set to a reasonable level. So far, the best VR games have immersed us in sight and sound, but if there is a third sense, we expect our digital environment will be less virtual than ever.
We also hope that this shirt can change the way we think about compatible VR games.
If you have played a laser gun battle game, you will know that although it is fun, it encourages a casual attitude, because at the end of the day, you will go home unscathed, even if your score is It was hit several times.
But if you turn to paintball games, this attitude will change. Paintball can cause damage, depending on how and where you were hit. And the slight fear you are instilled will encourage you to play in a very different way if you want to go home unscathed.
Similarly, even if it does not cause too much pain, we will think that the Owo Game shirt will still give us enough fear so that we can experience the VR experience differently, otherwise we may play "Halo Infinite" Multiplayer game.
Owo has not yet determined the price or release date of the gaming shirt, but we hope to have a chance to try it out at CES in a few weeks.
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