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Animal hair foaming agent for cement foaming agent

Animal hair foaming agent is a surface active substance formed by extracting fatty acids from various animal waste hair materials and adding multiple additives to react. Animal waste wool can be made from pig hair, horse hair, cow hair, chicken hair, donkey hair, etc. It can also be made from leftovers from wool mills or waste wool fabrics such as blankets, sweaters, etc., purchased from waste purchase stations. It can be used as long as the wool content reaches 90% or above. Its appearance is a brownish liquid with a burnt hair odour and a pH of 7-8. Compared with the animal hoof horn foaming agent mentioned above, this foaming agent has slightly lower foaming and stabilizing properties, but the difference is not significant. Its technical performance is generally equivalent, and it is also a high-quality and high-end foaming agent. Its foaming ability is lower than that of rosin resins and synthetic surfactants, but its foam stability is much better than that of other foaming agents. Its most significant advantage is its good foam stability, which is suitable for producing ultra-low-density foam concrete products. FP-6B type foaming agent is a waste animal hair type foaming agent developed and made by us. We have modified it to overcome its shortcomings of low foaming ratio, large dosage, and high foaming cost. The modification method involves adding a foaming agent, combining it with other foaming agents, and adding a small amount of stabilizing agent. After modification, its all-around performance has been dramatically improved, the foaming ratio and foaming stability have reached an ideal level, the density of the produced foam concrete can go below 400kg/m, and the foam cells are spherical closed. Animal hair resources are abundant, so China has more foaming agents of this type, and its application is more extensive than that of animal hooves. It is the leading producer of animal foaming agents. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective cement foaming agent, or if you require the latest price of cement foaming agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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