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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will no longer use a SIM card slot

This year, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 series. These devices are still new, but we've already seen rumors and leaks about next year's iPhone 14 line. Today, as the first reports of the iPhone 15 begin to emerge, we get a closer look at the future. The latest news is that upcoming flagship phones will not have a physical SIM card slot, starting with the 2023 iPhone 15 series.
This new report comes from the Brazilian news agency Blog Do iPhone.The 2023 iPhone 15 Pro model will reportedly have no slot for a physical SIM card. Instead, they will rely entirely on eSIM technology for connectivity.

These iPhones will offer dual eSIM support, the source added. It will allow users to have two lines at once, which is unusual for iPhone users. However, it is unclear whether non-Pro models will also rely entirely on eSIM technology or continue to use physical SIM card slots. This is not surprising, especially after joining eSIM.Apple is one of the companies more focused on making ESM the new standard. The company's Watch line relies entirely on this new technology.
Apple is rumored to be aiming to move to a port-free architecture for its iPhone.The company plans to remove the SIM card port and keep the charging port in the future. To achieve these goals, the company will need to rely on eSIM and wireless charging technology.
Now, the big question that remains is how Apple will handle the fact that eSIM is not available in many countries. So the company could go with one solution that doesn't use SIM cards or another that uses traditional slots.
Of course, we need to take these rumors with a grain of salt. After all, the iPhone 15 Pro is still months away. The focus will now be on the iPhone 14 series, while the iPhone 15 May still is on the drawing board. We need to wait for reliable industry sources before considering any official news.
Apple is already planning some major changes to the iPhone 14 line. The new smartphones will have perforated displays and may come with fingerprint scanners that are underperforming. Of course, now everything is based on rumors and we need to wait. However, the 2022 iPhone is ready to make a big difference since the iPhone X hit the market.

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