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Application fields of conductive ATO

Anti-static coatings are the primary application market of nano ATO powder. Nanocomposite transparent anti-static coatings can be prepared by adding nano ATO powder as a conductive filler to matrix resins such as polyamide and acrylic acid and selecting appropriate dispersion methods. The previous use of carbon black as a conductive filler is not comparable to ATO powder in color control. Anti-static fiber: Nano inorganic powder-modified fiber materials are gradually becoming an important development direction for modification. Compared with other types of anti-static fibers, nanoscale metal oxide type anti-static fibers have many unique and excellent properties, such as being not limited by climate and use environment and having good stability; Nanoscale metal oxides are not easy to fall off from the fibers and are more evenly distributed; The fiber preparation process is simple; "The fiber has a wide range of uses, and can be used for almost any occasion requiring electrostatic protection.". People favor a new nano transparent conductive powder type due to its transparency and excellent electrical conductivity. When adding nano ATO powder directly during fiber spinning, the key is the compatibility of inorganic nano ATO with fiber materials, requiring the addition of special dispersing aids; Adding nano-level ATO or textile auxiliaries to the dyeing process of raw materials (such as wool tops and polyester filaments) to complete the dyeing and functionalization in one step; Nanometer level ATO textile auxiliaries are added to the dyeing or finishing process of grey fabrics. Anti-static plastic nano ATO powder has a small particle size, good compatibility with plastics, and light color, which widens the field of application of conductive powder in plastics. Conductive ATO can be made into plastic additives or plastic conductive masterbatches into conductive plastics. Suppose the particle size of ATO is large. In that case, it will negatively impact the production of conductive plastics, so it is necessary to use ATO raw materials with the smallest particle size. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective ATO, or if you require the latest price of ATO, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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