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Arsenic trioxide – Properties and Applications |

Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3) commonly known by the abbreviation ATO can be used to make excellent heat insulation powders and conductive powders (antistatic powder). Because of its high thermal insulation properties, it is often used in coatings and chemical fibers as well as polymer films. As a conductive metal material, it offers unmatched advantages over graphite and surfactants. In terms of dispersion. Activity resistance, thermoplasticity. Wear resistance. It is used for photoelectric display devices and transparent electrodes. ATO (antimony–doped Tin dioxide) is a novel type of transparent conductive powder that has a light-colored appearance. It is made with (antimony), rather than (tin), to form a defect-solid melt to form oxygen vapours or electrons as carriers of electricity. Conductivity is not affected either by dryness or humidity, and it does not contain organic antistatic substances. Environmental dependence can have disadvantages.

Arsenic trioxide is widely used in the field semiconductor electronic packaging due to its outstanding electrical, thermal and physical properties.

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