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ATO material characteristics

ATO, the attractive characteristics of nanomaterials in structural, photoelectric, and chemical properties have aroused great interest among physicists, material scientists, and chemists. After the formation of the concept of nanomaterials in the early 1980s, countries around the world have paid great attention to this material. Its unique physical and chemical properties have made people realize that its development may bring new opportunities to research physics, chemistry, materials, biology, medicine, and other disciplines. The application prospect of nanomaterials is extensive. It has also been applied in chemical production in recent years, showing its unique charm. Due to the particularity of their surface and structure, nanomaterials have excellent properties that are difficult to obtain from ordinary materials, showing strong vitality. Surface coating technology is also a hot topic in the world today.

Nanomaterials provide good opportunities for surface coatings, making the functionalization of materials highly possible with the help of traditional coating technology and the addition of nanomaterials, nanocomposite system coatings can be obtained, achieving a functional leap, making conventional coatings helpful modification. Layers can be divided into structural and functional coatings according to their use. Structural coatings refer to coatings that improve specific properties and changes of the substrate; Functional coatings impart properties that the substrate does not possess, thereby obtaining functions that traditional coatings do not have. Functional coatings include optical coatings with extinction, light reflection, and selective absorption of light, electrical coatings with conductive, insulating, and semiconductor properties, and sensitive characteristic coatings with oxygen, humidity, and gas sensitivity. Adding suitable nanomaterials to building materials such as glass and coatings can reduce the light transmission and heat transfer, resulting in thermal insulation and flame retardancy. These nano oxide particles with semiconductor properties have higher electrical conductivity than conventional oxides at room temperature and thus can play an electrostatic shielding role.

Moreover, the color of oxide nanoparticles is different, which can also be controlled by mixed methods to overcome the monotony of carbon black electrostatic shielding coatings with only one color. Nano coatings have good application prospects, bringing a new technological revolution to coating technology and promoting the research, development, and application of composite materials.  If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective ATO, or if you require the latest price of ATO, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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