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Boron Nitride Powder – Property and Preparation |

Boron nitride

It is composed of nitrogen atoms as well as boron. Powder has a white color. With four variants of boron, 43.6% and 56.4% respectively (HBN, RBN, CBN), HBN and WBN), the chemical composition of powder is 43.6% and 56.4% respectively.

Which property does boron powder have?

Boron Nitride powder resists chemical corrosion. It is also resistant to acid and water. In hot concentrated alkali, the boron/nitrogen bond can be broken. The air temperature above 1200oC causes Boron Nitride to begin to oxidize. Its melting temperature is 3000°C. The point at which it starts to sublime is just below 3000°C. At about 2700°C in vacuum it will begin to decay. Boron nitride is slightly insoluble when it comes to hot acid but insoluble in water.

The properties of powdered boron carbide are generally better than those of carbon materials. The hexagonal boron-nitride has a low friction coefficient and good temperature stability. It also offers high resistance to thermal shock, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high resistance to corrosion, resistance to microwave radiation, and transparent Transparent Infrared.

What preparation methods are used to make boron Nitride powder?

Most boron-nitride powder is made with a graphite type structure. This is commonly called white graphite. One is of diamond type. This type can be used to convert graphite to graphite, and vice versa.

Synthesis with high temperature and high pressure

Wentorf first synthesized cubicBN in 1957. If the temperature rises to or exceeds 1700degC, and the pressure drops below 11-12GPa (or close enough), pure hexagonal boron nitride can be transformed into cubic boron nitride. The use of catalysts is a great way to lower the pressure and temperature transitions. Because of the complexity of its preparation and its high cost, industrial applications are limited.

Chemical vapor synthesis

Sokolowski was able to use pulsed plasma technology in 1979 to make cubic boron Nitride (CBN) films under low pressure and temperature. Because the equipment and process are simple, it was easy to develop quickly.

Carbothermic synthesis technology

Boric acid is used to prepare silicon carbide’s surface. It also uses carbon as a reduction agent. Ammonia nitriding is then performed in order to produce boron. It is highly pure and useful for composite material preparation.

Sputtering with ion beams

Particle beam sputtering deposited technology produces a mixture of hexagonal and cubic boron nutrides. Although the impurities are less, this process is more difficult to manage. This makes it difficult for the product to be controlled. Research on the method holds great promise.

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