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Calcium hexaborate reinforced aluminum matrix composites

A calcium hexaboride-reinforced aluminum matrix composite was prepared. The preparation method uses an aluminum boron master alloy and pure calcium as the sources of elemental boron and calcium. The preparation method is to first melt the aluminum boron master alloy in a melting furnace and raise the temperature to 900-1300 , then add pure calcium, keep it warm, and mechanically stir it evenly before directly casting it into ingots. Using this method to prepare calcium hexaboride-reinforced aluminum matrix composites has the advantages of a simple process and low cost. The prepared calcium hexaboride-reinforced aluminum matrix composites have the benefits of low resistivity, low linear thermal expansion coefficient, and high hardness. The rotary kiln refractory material proposed by the present invention uses bauxite as the primary raw material, with soft material cost and convenient access. At the same time, bauxite has strong chemical stability and good physical properties; Adding aluminum silicate fiber as a gap filler between raw materials has good thermal strength, thermal shock resistance, and excellent sound absorption, which is beneficial to the sound attenuation of the rotary kiln; Adding calcium hexaboride as an antioxidant achieves the oxidation resistance effect of refractory materials, improves the corrosion resistance and stability of the refractory materials, and at the same time, is non-flammable and non-toxic during the application process. Adding zirconium nitride enhances the wear resistance and oxidation resistance effect of the refractory materials, extending their service life. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price of copper oxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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