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Chemical analysis of combustion residue composition of propellant containing boron coated

The results show that a coating layer is formed on the surface of boron powder after being coated by the coating agent. The pH value of boron powder and water suspension system increases obviously after coating, which is suitable for the pharmaceutical process of boron-rich propellant. The combustion efficiency of coated boron powder is improved. Measurement of combustion heat of boron powder: Boron is the preferred high-energy additive due to its high volume calorific value. To measure the combustion heat of boron powder more accurately, SQ-2 was used as the accelerant with an oxygen bomb calorimeter. The influence of the mass, shape, and oxygen pressure in the oxygen bomb on the combustion heat test results of boron powder was studied experimentally. Combined with the two-stage combustion model of Boron, it is pointed out that the gas temperature is the key parameter affecting the combustion efficiency of boron powder. The theoretical calculation model of limiting gas temperature in oxygen bomb is established, and the relationship between calculation temperature and combustion efficiency of boron powder is given. The results show that increasing the limit temperature is an effective means to improve the measurement of the combustion heat of boron powder. Boron powder combustion heat test: The rules and principles of combustive selection were explored to improve the accuracy of the combustion calorific value test of boron powder by the combustion aid method. Four substances commonly used in the development field of boron propellant, including benzoic acid, 90 square tablets, magnesium powder, and a rocket propellant test standard drug, were selected as ignitable, and the dry method and wet method were used to mix. The combustion heat of grade 95 amorphous boron powder was measured in the GR3500 oxygen bomb calorimeter. The results show that the combustion heat of boron powder is tested directly without adding an accelerant, and the ignition fails. The combustion efficiency of boron powder is different with different accelerants. The analysis shows that the selected accelerant should have the characteristics of easy ignition, high calorific value, high combustion temperature, and low gas formation rate, and the burning rate should be matched with boron powder. The chemical properties should have good compatibility with boron powder. In addition, in the mixed sample, the closer the combination of accelerant and boron powder, the more uniform the mixing, and the more can play the role of combustion. Compared with the dry method, the combustion efficiency of boron powder is higher when the wet process measures the combustion calorific value of boron powder. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective boron powder, or if you require the latest price of boron powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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