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Comparison of silica powder at home and abroad

Great economic benefits have been obtained in the application of micro – silica powder abroad. For example, Elkem of Norway buys a large amount of micro-silicon powder from China at a low price every year. Most of the micro-silicon powder of domestic ferroalloy manufacturers, such as Northwest Ferroalloy, is purchased by Elkem annually. After processing in China, the micro-silicon powder is sold to domestic construction, cement, fertilizer, and other fields at a high price, which is very profitable. It is called the absolute leader of the micro silicon powder industry. However, few enterprises specialize in micro silicon powder in China, and several large ferroalloy enterprises in northwest China have large outputs. Their environmental protection equipment meets the standards, and the recovered micro silicon powder contains relatively high silicon content.

Shanghai Tiankai Silicon Powder Co., Ltd. is a micro silicon powder, currently its brand in China, and has had a particular influence in the industry. The domestic market of micro silicon powder has yet to be fully developed, so there is still ample market space. However, the resources of micro-silicon powder are also limited. With the strengthening of the state's efforts for environmental protection, the help of micro-silicon powder will become more and more abundant when the ferrosilicon alloy and industrial silicon manufacturers are forced to install ecological dust removal equipment and the policy to restrain the excessive development of energy-consuming industries appears. Therefore, in the face of the cancellation of relevant preferential policies, businesses should take the initiative to find the micro silica powder market income brought by the recovery of soot. Today, the main factors affecting the price of micro silicon powder are still focused on the cost of recycling equipment, power consumption, and physical properties brought about by packaging choices, encryption, and transportation costs. The deep research, development, and utilization of micro silica powder is related to the future development of China's industrial dust recycling environmental protection industry. In short, in strengthening the understanding of the reuse of micro-silicon powder, businesses should also take the initiative to look for business opportunities, enhance the vitality of the whole micro-silicon powder market and make it warmer. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Silicon powder, or if you require the latest price of Silicon powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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