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Compound foaming agent of cement foaming agent (fourth generation foaming agent)

A comprehensive analysis of the three categories mentioned above of foaming agents shows that although they are widely used, their performance needs to be wider to meet the needs of actual foam concrete production. None of them can fully meet the technical requirements of foam performance. This is reflected in rosin resins with low foaming power and foam stability, anionic surfactants with good foaming strength but poor foam stability, and protein foaming agents with low foaming power. This is because the overall level of foaming agents in China is low, and the quality could be higher. If we stay at this level, the development of foamed concrete will be significantly affected and become the bottleneck of its development. The only way to solve the poor performance of the single component foaming agent above is to develop the fourth generation of high-performance foaming agents, take the road of compound modification, and produce compound foaming agents. To be sure, the future foaming agent, most will be multiple compounds, and single components will be less and less; the fourth generation of compound foaming agent era will come and has had a beginning. We have seen that the foaming agent produced by many enterprises in China has become compound, and its all-around performance has been dramatically improved. In the future, the compound foaming agent will undoubtedly become dominant, and the single component will gradually be eliminated. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective foaming agent, or if you require the latest price of foaming agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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