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Copper powder preparation and applications

What is copper powder?
As the metal copper is widely used, it ranks second in the world in consumption and production capacity of nonferrous metal metallurgy, second only to aluminum. Nano-copper powder plays an important role in many fields, such as electricity, mechanics, and chemistry, due to its good thermal conductivity, self-lubrication, and high activity. All of these are derived from the unique basic characteristics of nano-copper powder: surface interfaces effect, quantum size effect, and quantum tunneling effect. Macroscopically, nano copper powder is reddish-brown and has high activity. Therefore, it is easy to oxidize in air and can dissolve in hot sulfuric acid and nitric acid. At present, the nano-copper powder is often used as catalyst, lubricant, and conductive coating in the industry, and is also widely used in engineering structural materials, aerospace, and biological engineering.

     Copper Powder Cu Powder CAS 7440-50-8

Copper powder making and application
Atomization method: atomization method is mainly used to break the metal copper liquid by high-speed airflow, to form small droplets, and then solidify into powder. This method has become the main development trend of copper powder production. The atomization method has the advantages of low production cost and little environmental pollution. Mechanical ball grinding method: the mechanical ball grinding method is widely used in industry to prepare copper powder, the mechanism of the ball grinding method is mainly through the metal ball impact on the metal powder impact and rolling so that it has strong plastic deformation and continuous refinement. This method has the advantages of a simple process and high yield, but it is easy to introduce impurities and uneven powder size in the production process. Gas evaporation method: the mechanism of gas evaporation method is mainly in the active atmosphere or inert atmosphere to vaporize copper or plasma, and then react with the active atmosphere and cooling condensation, or with the inert atmosphere through collision, cooling, and condensation, to form a fine copper powder. The copper powder prepared by this method has the advantages of controllable particle size, uniform morphology, high purity, and good crystallinity.
Nano-copper powder has good self-lubrication, so it is often added to various lubricating oils to form a uniform and stable suspension. The lubricating oil obtained by this method contains numerous ultrafine copper particles, which can attach to the surface of the lubricated parts to form an effective protective layer, thus reducing friction and wear during use.
Nano copper powder is an important raw material for producing electrode materials. After preparing nano copper powder into the conductive coating, spraying it on the surface of plastic products can effectively shield electromagnetic interference. In addition, the electronic paste prepared by nano copper powder is mainly used as electrode material in the microelectronic neighborhood. In the aspect of conductive composite materials, conductive composite materials can be prepared by adding the nano-copper powder to insulating organic polymer materials.
Because the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and tensile strength of nanocrystalline copper are much higher than that of ordinary coarse-crystal copper, the nanocrystalline copper powder becomes an indispensable raw material in the field of engineering structural materials. Lu et al. prepared high-purity copper nanoparticles with a grain size of about 30nm by an electrochemical deposition method. Performance tests showed that copper nanoparticles had excellent plasticity and ductility.
In the aerospace field, a tungsten mesoporous skeleton filled with nano-copper powder is an important material for preparing a rocket nozzle. Nano copper powder can also be used as an important raw material for the production of copper powder filters, which can not only filter fine particles but also lower production costs. In addition, in biological engineering, the filter prepared by nano copper powder can efficiently filter bacteria.
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