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Cuprous oxide preparation and applications

What is Cuprous oxide?

Cuprous oxide, an inorganic compound with the molecular formula Cu2O.It is one of the main oxides of copper, the other being or copper (II) oxide or copper oxide (CuO). This red solid is a component of some antifouling paints. It is a univalent copper oxide, bright red powder solid, almost insoluble in water, in acidic solution disproportionation into bivalent copper and copper elemental, gradually oxidized in wet air into black copper oxide.

Cuprous oxide is mainly used in the manufacture of ship bottom antifouling paint (used to kill low-grade Marine animals), insecticides, as well as various copper salts, analytical reagents, red glass, but also for the preparation of copper plating and copper plating alloy solution.


Cuprous oxide making and application

Cuprous oxide is mainly prepared by the following methods: Dry method: after removing impurities, copper powder is mixed with copper oxide, and then heated to 800 ~ 900℃ in the calcining furnace to produce cuprous oxide. After taking it out, the mechanical impurities were absorbed with a magnet and then crushed to 325 mesh, and the cuprous oxide product was prepared. If copper sulfate is used as raw material, the copper in copper sulfate is first reduced with iron, and the subsequent reaction steps are the same with copper powder as a raw material method.

Glucose reduction method: mix the copper sulfate solution with glucose and then add sodium hydroxide solution to react to generate cuprous oxide. After filtration, rinsing, drying, and grinding cuprous oxide products.

Electrolysis in iron: In the electrolytic cell lined with polyvinyl chloride, the copper plate is cast as an anode, copper plate as cathode, potassium chromate as an additive, salt solution as an electrolyte, Cuprous oxide was prepared by electrolysis under the conditions of 290 ~ 310g/L sodium chloride, 0.3 ~ 0.5g/L potassium chromite, 70 ~ 90 ℃, pH8 ~ 12 and 1500 A/m2 current density. Cuprous oxide was prepared by precipitation separation, rinsing, filtration, and drying.

Hydrazine reduction method: pour 3 ~ 5mL 20% hydrazine aqueous solution into 50mL copper acetate aqueous solution with high concentration to reduce the bivalent copper ion. The solution initially turns green and produces nitrogen, which precipitates yellow to orange-yellow cuprous oxide after some time. Precipitate water, ethanol, and ether washing.Because excessive hydrazine can further reduce cuprous oxide to metal copper, so the amount of hydrazine should not be excessive.

Glucose reduction synthesis of film solution: dissolve 50g copper sulfate pentahydrate and 75g potassium sodium tartrate respectively in 200mL cold water and mix the two when the solution is cooled to room temperature. In addition, 75g sodium hydroxide was dissolved in 200mL water to prepare an alkali solution. While stirring the mixture, slowly add the alkali solution, taking care to keep the temperature of the solution not to rise, and turn the solution dark blue. Heat the bivalent copper salt solution to a boil and add 10% glucose solution until the blue color disappears and red cuprous oxide is precipitated. Then put it into 1L of cold water, stand for about 15min, discard the upper clarifying liquid; Add water to stir, after decanting, filter with Bouchard funnel; The precipitate was washed twice with 15mL water, followed by three times with ethanol, and finally dried in an air bath.

Cuprous oxide is used to make antifouling paint for ship bottoms (to kill low-level Marine animals). Used as fungicide, ceramic and enamel colorant, red glass colorant, but also used in the manufacture of various copper salts, analytical reagents and used in electrical industry rectifier electroplating, agricultural fungicide, and rectifier materials. Cuprous oxide is also commonly used as a catalyst for organic synthesis.

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