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Deep Life with the Apple Watch series 7

The Apple Watch has been around for six years, and in that time it has largely avoided dramatic changes and updates in favor of incremental improvements. However, the combination of these factors is considerable, and what we have today, series 7, is by far the most mature version of the world's most popular smartwatch. The shell design, material, processor, sensor and monitor the change of means that apple's watch now is not so much a wearable extension of other equipment, realized I rather doubt Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) always want it to do things: define an independent new category of mobile devices, rather than feel and function like accessories.
It's not a quick process. Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch is initially more interesting as a technical conceptual artwork — it shows the path to what is possible, but it's more interesting as a signpost in itself than as a destination.

It is also often frustrating to use. The UI is organized in such a way that the features you most want to utilize are often buried, which is, by then, criticized as a bit redundant for the iPhone features, and by then it was eight years, a lot of time to look good and smooth out some of the thorny issues that come with new product launches.
The first thing you notice when you open the box of the 7 Series (which, by the way, comes with a very low environmental impact cardboard cover) is the amount of real estate available on the screen. The screen is much larger and brighter than the series 6, and in some ways, it feels completely different. A bigger screen may not sound like much, but in practice, it can make a huge difference in the speed and tactile experience of visual contact with your watch. A bigger screen means bigger buttons and an easier touch interface, and 7 is a whole new ball game.
The screen is 20% bigger and feels good, and the bezel has been cut down to just 1.7mm. Some of the new dials make very dramatic use of this surround effect, which makes the 45mm 7 Series look almost cinematic.
Perhaps the biggest single aspect of the evolution looks to have been integrated into a larger Apple ecosystem of health and watch that encourages you to get up and move around if you've been sitting for too long (and God knows, we all sit for too long), as well as providing improved tracking of a series of exercises. The Watch also provides additional support for cyclists, especially those who can now more accurately track distance traveled and calories burned, as the Watch can detect when you stop, such as on the road. We tried the cycling app and it worked — in fact, tracking the calories burned and distance traveled on bike 7 seemed significantly more accurate than bike 6. This could be due to improvements in sensor technology, software tweaks, or both.

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