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Disruptive Technology of LED Lamp Brightness Comparable to Laser

LED lights have existed for decades, and this invention has led mankind into a new era of lighting. But scientists' pursuit of "brighter" has never stopped. Nowadays, even the LED design in general use has big flaws. If you input more power to the LED light, the LED light will become brighter, but soon, its brightness will drop sharply. This is scientifically called the "efficiency sinking" phenomenon.
Recently, scientists have designed a new LED lamp that can overcome the "efficiency sinking" problem. Achieved a great leap in brightness. This kind of equipment is 100 to 1000 times brighter than traditional small LED lights, and can even be comparable to lasers.
Initially, the researchers' goal was not to solve the problem of efficiency sinking. Their goal was to design a miniature LED light for use on a chip or screen. To this end, the research team tried a brand new model, bid farewell to the tiling strategy used in traditional LED lights. Scientists designed a slender zinc oxide luminous body as a light source. These zinc oxide filaments are only 5 microns long. The scientists assembled these filaments into a 1-cm long array.
In these filaments, scientists have seen unlimited development prospects. The shape of the array allows the luminous body to carry more current. At first, the scientists just wanted to test the basic performance of this new type of LED light. But soon, someone noticed the excellent performance of the new structure under high current, which is 100 to 1000 times brighter than traditional LED lights.
In addition, the research team has an amazing discovery. Although the LED only emits light in a certain wavelength range, over time, the wavelength of the light will be fixed to two special values. In other words, the LED light at this time has become a small laser transmitter. Under normal circumstances, converting LEDs into lasers requires a series of complicated operations. But obviously, the newly designed array has natural advantages. The unique structure eliminates tedious operations and allows us to easily obtain lasers.
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