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Dry Argon Results of MoS2

In the first part of this investigation, it was shown that the transformation of MoS2 on the sliding surfaces did not occur in dry argon. Thus, a series of experiments were also conducted in dry argon to determine the effect of substrate surface roughness on the lubricating properties of MoS2 films when the transformation of MoS2 was not the principal mechanism of failure. Friction traces for these tests illustrate that the friction coefficient was not affected by the roughness of the substrate – the value being slightly less than 0.02 for the first 700 cycles. Wear life, however, was affected, just as it was in moist air; that is, the rougher the surface, the longer the wear life. Even on the polished substrate, wear life was much greater in dry argon than in moist air. The wear lives obtained were 950 kilocycles for the polished substrate, 1860 kilocycles for the sanded substrate, and 4450 kilocycles for the sandblasted substrate. Gives rider wear rates in dry argon for each sliding interval. As in moist air, the rougher the substrate, the greater the initial rider wear.

However, the wear rate was lower in dry argon. The values obtained after one kilocycle sliding were 0. 10X10-15m3/m for the polished substrate, 0. 30X10-15m3/m for the sanded substrate, and 4. 5X10-15m3/m for the sandblasted substrate. After the run-in, the rates dropped considerably, with the polished surface giving the lowest rate (0.002X10 m /m). The sandblasted substrate gave a low rate of 0. 003X10-15m3/m and the sanded substrate gave a low rate of 0. 008X10-15m3/m. The wear and transfer to the riders after one kilocycle of sliding in dry argon can be compared for the three surface finishes in Figure 12. As in moist air, the smoother the substrate surface, the greater the transfer to the rider and the less the wear. The friction coefficients were the same even though transfer and rider wear were different at this point. After 15 kilocycles of sliding, the transfer films for riders on the polished. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Molybdenum disulfide or the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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