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Ecuador enters the state of emergency, all lightweight foam concrete projects stop

Xinhua News Agency, Quito, March 16th (Reporter Hao Yunfu) The Ministry of Health of Ecuador said on the 16th that there were 21 new cases of newly diagnosed coronary pneumonia in the country and a total of 58 confirmed cases. Ecuadorian President Moreno declared a national emergency that night for 60 days to curb the spread of the epidemic.

In his public speech that evening, Moreno emphasized that during the state of emergency, citizens should not go out in principle except for exceptional circumstances such as food and medicine purchases. Also, Ecuador will implement a curfew from the 17th; the curfew time is from 21:00 every night to 5:00 the next day.

Moreno also announced that, except under exceptional circumstances, inter-provincial transportation, domestic flights, and private vehicle travel would be suspended for 14 days from the 17th.

The Ecuadorian government has previously announced that starting at 23:59 on the 16th, all people (including nationals living abroad) will be banned from entering by air, land, and sea. The ban lasts 21 days.

Ecuador's interior minister Maria Paula Romo reminded people on the 16th to stay at home as required. She said that the Chinese and Korean people are highly conscious and disciplined, and Ecuador must learn from China and South Korea ’s successful experience in controlling the epidemic.

New coronavirus shuts down construction industry and lightweight concrete projects in Ecuador. Entering a state of emergency means that the power of the whole country is controlling the spread of the new coronavirus. Let alone the shutdown of the construction and real estate industry, how much the entire country will cause economic losses. The pure panic of the people in the country will be scary. Crazy purchase of daily necessities, increasing demand for some protective supplies such as masks and goggles, and the fear of viral transmission from humans to humans. All these have exacerbated the escalation of domestic contradictions, and political parties within some small countries have begun to move. Use this epidemic to make waves.

Lightweight foam concrete is only a small project in the construction industry. The advent of the epidemic has forced manufacturers of cellular concrete blocks and lightweight concrete panels to stop work. The purchase of raw materials is interrupted, and more of them are foaming agents, water-reducing agents, foam stabilizers, and reinforcing agents purchased from Tongrun Company. These admixtures have low procurement costs and high performance. It is a supplier of high-quality foam concrete admixtures. If necessary, you can send email directly to

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