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Effect the addition of foam agent on some properties of cement mortar

Foamed concrete is a class of lightweight concrete; foam concrete (F.C.) doesn't consist of coarse gravel and can be considered an aerated mortar. This paper presents the results obtained by using foam agent type (EABSSOC) to produce foam concrete (F.C.); the rate of cement to sand is 1:2, while the W/C were 50% and 45%, foam agent (F.A.) was added with percentages (1 and 0.8) %. The results showed that the optimum composition, which contained 0.8wt. % of foam agents have higher values of compressive strength, splitting tensile strength (T.S.) as well, as flexural strength (F.S.) for the samples cured at (air and water) for different periods, including (7,14,28) days with a density is nearly 1600 kg/m3 compared to the concrete samples that contained 1wt. % of foam agent. It is found that adding foam agents to the mortar mix gives it good properties such as easier molding and better homogeneity, lightweight and cheap. These reasons make this concrete more popular for many applications, for example, thermal insulation. DAREX® AE4 is a liquid foaming agent in all mortar and concrete mixes. It is particularly designed for use in the production of foamed concrete and for use with synthetic and naturally occurring lightweight aggregates where the density of the fine aggregate/cement paste is normally required to be similar to that of the aggregate. DAREX® AE4 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions for a consistent product. It is a blend of anionic surfactants. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective foam concrete or require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.


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