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Facebook Will Share Social Data Related to COVID-19, You Can Buy Zinc Sulfide at 2% Discount Under the Epidemic

Facebook said on Monday that as part of Carnegie Mellon ’s self-reported “Heat Map” project to generate a new crown virus infection, the company would begin investigating the health of some American users.

The social media giant will display a link at the top of the user's news feed to guide them to the survey. Researchers say the survey will help them predict where medical resources are needed. Facebook said that if this method is feasible, it may also provide this survey to users in other countries.

Google, as a competitor of Facebook in the mobile advertising field, started to conduct a user survey for this project of Carnegie Mellon University through its award-winning survey application (Opinion Rewards) last month. Users can obtain the application store through this survey integral.

Facebook said in a blog post that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University "will not share users ' survey results with Facebook, nor will Facebook share users' personal information with researchers."

The company also said it would start to provide new categories of data to epidemiologists through its Disease Prevention Maps program. The plan is currently sharing aggregate location data with new crown epidemic partners in 40 countries. Researchers use these data to provide officials in these countries, as well as a few cities and states in the United States, with up-to-date information about people moving between different regions.

In addition to location data, Facebook will also provide a "social connection index" that shows the probability of users in different locations, becoming Facebook friends with each other, and summarized by zip code. Laura McGorman, who is in charge of Facebook's "Data for Good" project, said the index could assess the economic impact of the COVID-19, revealing the communities most likely to receive help from neighboring areas, and those who may need Targeted community.

In addition, Facebook said that the new "co-location maps" (co-location maps) could also reveal the possibility of contact between people in different regions.

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