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Functionalization and Application of Boron Nitride Nanomaterials |

What is Boron Nitride (BN)?

The crystal of boron and nitrogen is known as. The chemical formula is a mixture of 43.6% nitrogen and 56.4% boron. It comes in four different forms: hexagonal Boron Nitride (HBN), Rhombohedral Boron Nitride (RBN), Cubic boron Nitride (CBN), and Wurtzite Nitride Boron.

Boron Nitride

First time, chemical engineers functionalized boron nanomaterials, and boron nanomaterials’ applications, using other nano-systems. Researchers at University of Illinois at Chicago found a way to modify boron Nitride, a two-dimensional, layered material, in order to combine it with other materials. These include electronics, biosensors and materials used in aircraft. It is possible to improve the performance of these components by better incorporating boron-nitride.

The scientific community has long been interested in boron nitride because of its unique properties-strong, ultra-thin, transparent, insulating, lightweight and thermally conductive-theoretically, it makes it an ideal material for various engineers. application. Due to its natural resistance to chemical agents and lack of surface molecular bonding sites, it is difficult for boron-nitride to interface with the other materials in these applications.

Boron Nitride is like a stack of thick paper. By adding chlorosulfonic to this structure, we can introduce a charge positive on the boron layer. The sheets will then repel each other, and eventually separate. The periodic table places nitrogen and boron to the left of carbon. The boron nitride iso-structured graphene is a’miracle-material’ because it is both iso-electronic and isostructural. We can use it for a variety of electronic products such as photovoltaics and piezoelectrics, as well as many other applications.

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