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Google’s first OS 3 smartwatch looks almost like the Galaxy Watch 5

Earlier this year, Samsung and Google teamed up to create a new generation of smartwatches, Wear OS 3. Samsung eventually ditched Tizen in favor of Wear OS 3, but the drastic change left Samsung with some exclusivity on the new OS version.
The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are the only smartwatches currently on the market running Wear OS 3, while other OEMs are expected to release updates before 2022. Google, on the other hand, is preparing its smartwatch, powered by Wear OS 3. According to an update from Front Page Tech, the so-called "Google Pixel Watch" is about to be officially released.

Google's first Wear OS 3 smartwatch almost looks like a Galaxy Watch 5 -  SamMobile

The Google Pixel Watch could be inspired by Samsung and Apple
Like the Galaxy Watch 4, the upcoming Google Pixel Watch has a circular dial. Google's wearable, however, will not make use of the One UI. Instead, it will run an unmodified version of the Wear operating system. A leaked slideshow claims the Galaxy Pixel Watch has a bezel-less design, but it's unclear whether the wearable will offer virtual rotating borders for user interface navigation.
In terms of design, Google's upcoming wearables appear to take inspiration from Samsung and Apple. It appears to borrow from the Galaxy Watch 4's circular dial design, but the bezel edges are curved, similar to the Apple Watch. It doesn't have a flat, curved display like the Galaxy Watch 4.
What's more, the Google Pixel Watch will reportedly have a proprietary wristband like the Apple Watch, meaning that, unlike the Galaxy Watch 4 series, it won't be compatible with the standard 20mm wristband.
Finally, the Google Pixel Watch appears to have only one physical button on one side, rather than two, which may hint at the absence of the BIA sensor.
All in all, Google's first Wear OS 3 smartwatch looks like Apple's take on the Galaxy Watch 4, and it almost feels like an unusual — if admittedly gorgeous — hybrid of two worlds. It may not be as practical as the Galaxy Watch 4's strap choice, but either way, it looks like an evolution of Samsung's design or at least a more elegant interpretation of the basic formula. We'll see if Samsung takes inspiration from the Pixel Watch and launches its own Galaxy Watch 5 next year.
Looks aside, it will be interesting to see if and how Google tries to differentiate its Wear OS 3 software experience from the Galaxy Watch 4 series and One UI.

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