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Hazards of hollow glass

Glass powder itself is non-toxic, but if inhaled into the lungs, it can cause silicosis. Silicosis is a severe occupational disease that endangers health. It is mainly caused by long-term inhalation of silica dust, leading to pulmonary interstitial fibrosis and silicotic nodules. In extreme cases, it can affect lung function, cause loss of labor ability, and even develop into cor pulmonale, heart, and respiratory failure. The main glass component is silicon dioxide.. Glass powder harms the human body. If we inhale a lot of glass powder or inhale it for a long time, it will significantly impact our respiratory tract and even cause significant damage to our lungs. In fact, in daily life, no matter what kind of dust it is, inhaling it into the human body can affect our health. If your work environment is filled with various glass dust, it is necessary to do an excellent job of protection, and it is required to wear a mask every day. When processing glass materials, we often produce a large amount of glass powder, which does not harm the human body. However, if we accidentally inhale the glass into the lungs, it will cause severe damage to our lung organs, and we even suffer from severe respiratory diseases such as pneumoconiosis. It is recommended that when cutting glass, it is best to wear a mask and an eye mask, which can effectively prevent glass powder from flying into the lungs or eyes. If you accidentally wash glass powder into your eyes, rinse it immediately with clean water, and never rub it with your hands. The amount of glass powder produced by glass machinery during edging can significantly increase, and a large amount of glass powder generated during the edging process can not only cause severe environmental pollution, hinder equipment accessories, and pose a threat to the health of operators. The appearance of glass powder can also reduce the working efficiency of the edge grinding machine. A large amount of glass powder attached to the edge grinding machine is also very detrimental to the long-term use of the cutter grinding machine. Given so many unfavorable factors, it is necessary to take adequate measures to remove and prevent glass powder during the edge sanding machine. Glass powder removal refers to using water impingement to remove glass powder from the equipment and adhere to it. This should be done frequently; otherwise, once the glass powder accumulates, it will be challenging to remove the glass powder again. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective hollow glass powder, or if you require the latest price of hollow glass powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.


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