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Here, Lenovo’s new ThinkBook Plus

Before the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show, pictures of Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus series of new widescreen laptops appeared on the Internet, and it may be the perfect mobile workstation for content creators.
This personal computer manufacturer has been experimenting with dual-screen laptops for some time, and previous ThinkBook Plus devices have built-in electronic ink displays on their covers. These external displays can be used not only to read e-books or text documents but also to take notes because they support stylus pens.
But now, Lenovo seems to be expanding its ThinkBook Plus product line, launching a new model with a graphics card built into the notebook's keyboard. With this new device, graphic designers and digital artists will be able to process content in Photoshop or other drawing software without having to carry a separate graphics tablet.
Although a picture of Lenovo’s latest ThinkBook Plus laptop appeared on the Internet in November last year, on the eve of the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), high-yield device leaker Evan Blass was pushing Here are four other high-resolution pictures of the device.
The iPad layout has a keyboard and touchpad on the left and a built-in graphics tablet on the right. It also showcases its 17-inch widescreen display. The built-in graphic tablet has a touch screen that supports a digital pen, and users can write or draw on the screen.
The secondary display of Lenovo’s upcoming ThinkBook Plus also helps to increase the productivity of content creators because it can be used as an application launcher. This means that users will no longer need to open the start menu or navigate to the taskbar to launch frequently used applications, but can launch them directly from the second screen. However, it can also be used to display another full-screen application, which means that users can open Microsoft Teams, Slack, or other online collaboration tools while working on the home screen.
Although we may hear more about the full specifications of this new ThinkBook added to CES 2022, it appears from the leaked photos of Blass that there will be a device with an HDMI port and two USB-A USB-C ports. The fingerprint sensor has a built-in power button and a camera privacy shutter.
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