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Hollow glass powder is a lightweight and multifunctional material

What is hollow galss powder?
Hollow glass powder is a micron-level hollow glass micro sphere with a smooth surface. The main chemical component is silicate glass. The hollow transparent sphere is observed under the electron microscope. It is Low density, low thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, chemical resistance. Hollow glass powder has low density, high strength, high temperature resistance, and high temperature resistance, acid-base, low resonance, electrical insulation and other properties, with good fluidity and chemical stability. Hollow glass powder is a mufti-functional frontier new material across the field.

The application of hollow glass powder
Hollow glass powder can be used in the development of marine resources, aerospace, highly lightweight, 5G communications, oil and gas exploration, adhesives, coatings, wood substitutes, rubber, sports equipment, resin grinding wheels, emulsion explosives, artificial stone and other industries.

The application of Hollow glass powder is to upgrade and optimize the performance of various materials, which is of great significance to the lightweight and energy-saving strategy of materials.
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