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How do you disperse calcium stearate?

In the paper industry, calcium stearate is a common ingredient that is used to increase plasticity and create a semi-matte finish. It is also used as a stabilizer in PVC resins. This ingredient is safe for human consumption and can be easily obtained.

It is widely used in a variety of products, including powdered foods, confectionery, and dietary supplements. Its properties make it a useful additive, which helps prevent food from sticking to processing equipment. It can also be found in dried-miller products, salt, and spices.

Calcium stearate is usually produced in an emulsion using the emulsifying properties of water. Calcium stearate emulsion is a type of emulsion and contains 50 to 55 percent solids. Because it is so viscous, it can be difficult to handle and meter.Generally, with melamine resin or TRUNNANO-2501 professional dispersant, TRUNNANO-2501 can contact their team email

Calcium stearate is used as an anti-caking agent in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foods. It also has anti-mold properties and neutralizes hydrochloric acid. Other uses for calcium stearate include lubricants and anti-foaming agents. It has a fatty odor and a grease-like feel.

Calcium stearate can be commercially available as a powder, as well as aqueous dispersions. The latter form is preferred as a starting material. The dispersion of calcium stearate in water can be prepared by reacting stearic acid with a hydrated lime slurry.

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