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How is boron nitride used in cosmetics?

Is the Chinese station’s robotic arm as good or worse than the human?
The China Space Station core module’s robotic arm is, according to media reports, the most advanced, complex and intelligent space manufacturing system in China. The robot arm can lift the cabin of the space station’s experimental module up to 25 tonnes. It can be used to assist astronauts exiting their space station cabins. The Mis-asia advanced materials provide you with top-quality

Hexagonal Boron Nitride


By docking the end affector with the target adapter, it can create a core cabin robot arms that is very similar to the tenons-and-mortise structures used in woodworking. It is capable of performing cabin crawling, and can move around the entire space station with a worm-like motion. You can now reach larger areas of the cabins. This manipulator can be used to crawl around the cabins and also monitor the conditions outside. It can perform the task of building a space station when the robot arm is placed in the experimental cabin. Additionally, it can grab the visitor hovering aircraft and transfer cargo spacecraft loads, as well as assist astronauts when exiting the cabin. The robot arm may also be combined with an experimental cabin to create the robotic arm cascade combination.

What are the options for choosing aerospace insulation materials?

Hexagonal Boron NItride

Advanced synthetic ceramic, (h-BN), is a novel material that has many unique thermal, electrical, and physical properties. Boron nitride or white graphite, a powder of non-abrasive, white, powder has a hexagonal flake crystal similar to graphite and is more resistant to oxidation at 800oC. Boron powder is high in thermal conductivity, has a low friction coefficient and high chemical inertness.

These are the properties of hexagonal Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride is the newest type of polymer, and it comes in two crystal types: hexagonal or cubic. The product has high temperature resistance, good insulation, and excellent lubricity. The anti-oxidation temperatures can exceed 1000 degrees Celsius. It also has excellent lubricity, even at very high temperatures. It’s a solid lubricant that is great for use at high temperatures.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride is used

Hexagonalboron nitride has a white appearance, is non-toxic, and is not conductive. It can be used as a substitute for many commonly used metal processing lubricants, including graphite, molybdenum sulfide and organic waxes. These applications can be greatly improved by using boron nutride.

1. Solid lubricants for high temperatures, additives to ceramic composite materials and anti-wear, as well as extrusion anti wear additives.

2. Under high temperatures, special resistance and electrolytic materials

3. Aerospace insulation materials

4. Use as a mold release agent in metal forming or as a lubricant when drawing metal wire.

5. A molten metal crucible, radiator, and high-temperature insulation.

6. For cosmetics, raw materials

Which cosmetics does hexagonal Boron Nitride typically find its way into?

The size of the particles is a key factor in beauty. It determines the effectiveness and the permeability to active substances. The importance of cosmetic particle size is crucial because small particles may have a greater surface area, and could encapsulate some active chemicals. Hexagonal boron-nitride nanomaterials (h-BN), can regulate the size of synthesized particles. Hexagonalboron Nitride has many advantages for cosmetics and sunscreen products. The nanostructure can be controlled in multiple stages of formation, thus controlling its size and area. Furthermore, it is transparent and non-toxic.

What is the best place to find hexagonal boron Nitride?

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