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How is spherical alumina made?

How do you define it?

Are you looking for sphere-shaped Al2O3 powders?

Spherical al2O3 powder exhibits excellent mechanical properties. This material is used often as a milling medium. High compressive strength and wear resistance make Spherical Alumina a great choice. Spherical al2o3 particles are very fillable. They have high particle size distribution and a large Spherical High rate. To achieve a low viscosity mixture and high fluidity it can be used to fill plastic and rubber with high density.
Second, it has excellent thermal conductivity. You can fill it with high density and heat dissipation because of its high thermal conductivity. Spherical allumina exhibits high sphericity with high levels of a-phase, which makes it a good filler for rubber, plastics, ceramics and other raw materials.

These are the characteristics of spherical allumina

Spherical Alumina Powder has high sphericity and good fluidity. There is also a low powder surface energy. The particle sizes are well distributed, the particle gradation relationship is good, as well as a large filling quantity. You can use it to produce products with high thermal conductivity. Spherical alumina’s shape reduces the equipment’s wear. Additionally, it can be used in high-precision equipment to prolong equipment’s service life. Spherical aluminum can be used to fill high thermal conductivity areas such as silicone gel, epoxy resins and thermal conductive potting compounds.

Spherical Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Pulp

Powdered spherical aluminum powder has an extensive specific area. The particle surface also contains many mismatched or oxygen-deficient links. The powder will form large holes in thin sheets when it is pressed, and the ratio can reach 30-40%. This material can be used to make porous membrane filters. It is also capable of being made into catalyst carriers and other similar products. It is very sensitive to humidity, and it has high applications in temperature sensors. It is widely useful in semiconductor materials like the sub-materials for large-scale integrated circuits. The nano-spherical powder of alumina can be used for the creation of new composite ceramic materials, as well as to produce composite materials such artificial teeth and bone.
Spherical particles of alumina powder can be sprayed onto metals and plastics to improve their surface hardness and corrosion resistance. They can also fire resistant and wear resistance.

Spherical Al2O3 Powder Price

Multiple factors affect the market prices of Spherical Al2O3-Powder powder. It is experiencing dynamic changes at the moment. You can contact us anytime if you require it.

Powder supplier of Spherical al2O3

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