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In what ways does cuprous oxide work?

What does cuprous oxide mean? The chemical formula for Cuprous Oxide is red or dark red cubic crystalline powder. It has a density of 6. It also has an O relative density and a melting point 1235. We lose oxygen at 1800 degrees Celsius. It’s almost insoluble with water. However, it is soluble in hydrochloric, ammonium and ammonia. Nitric acid can slightly dissolve it. When it is dissolved into hydrochloric acid, the crystal form of white cuprous-chloride chloride can be produced. When it’s mixed with nitric or sulfuric acid, the solution can quickly turn blue in the atmosphere. Additionally, it dissolves in concentrated alkali and ferric chloride. This is highly toxic because the wet oxygen slowly turns into black copper dioxide. Copper oxide can be found in many applications, including ship bottom antifouling paints, insecticides and analytical reagents.

Major uses of cuprous oxide

Copper oxide is used for boat bottom coatings, pesticide-fungicide, and glaze. In addition to producing copper salt, it can also be used as an analysis reagent, fungicide, or red glass. Copper oxide is used in electroplating and rectifying electrical appliances. Used as an enamel and ceramic colorant. It’s used onboard to make the bottom antifouling spray to protect the bottom from the horizontal and kill any low-Marine animals. Used as an enamel colorant and stain for red glasses. Also used in the hydrogenation synthesis monochloromethane as well as silicon powder for the production silicone ester. Additionally, the metal is used for various copper salts, analytical and fungicides manufacturing, as well as rectifying electroplating within the electrical industry. Additionally, it can be used as a reducing ingredient in electroplating, fungicides, red glass, boat-bottom paint, seed sterilization and catalyst.

Cuprous Oxide Price

There are many factors that affect the price of purity cuprous oxide. Market prices for cuprous dioxide are changing rapidly. Our company website provides information about the current price of cuprous dioxide. We are available to assist you with any question.

Cuprous oxide supplier

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