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Influence of foaming agent on cement and foam concrete

The foaming agent is an indispensable component in the preparation of foam concrete by using prefabricated foams. This study used four types of foaming agents to prepare foam concrete. Effect of the foaming agent on the properties of fresh and hardened foam concrete, the interaction between the foaming agent and cement, and the gas–liquid interface in foam concrete were studied. It is observed that the interaction between foaming agents and cement played a greater role in the formation process of foam concrete. The property of gas–the liquid interface of foam concrete was the most important factor for the performance of foam concrete, which determined the stability of fresh foam concrete, the pore structure, and the products on the pore wall of hardened foam concrete. Finally, the evolution mechanism of foams in new foam concrete w discussed. Foam concrete is a flexible, lightweight material for filling cellular concrete, created by combining a cement paste with a differently developed foam. The slurry ratio and the spectrum of densities calculate the thickness of foam concrete. Foam concrete, or Lightweight Cell Concrete, consists of a cement slurry, fly ash, water, and sand. Some suppliers acclaim pure cement and water with the foaming agent for extremely lightweight mixes. In addition, this slurry is combined in a concrete mix design plant with an artificial aerated foam. It is generated using a foaming agent thoroughly combined with water or air from a compressor. Foam concrete is known to be durable aerated concrete. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Cement foaming agent, or if you require the latest price of Cement foaming agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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