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Internet Association will be closed at the end of this year

The Internet Association, an organization in Washington that claims to be the “unifying” voice of the Internet industry, will be closed at the end of this year. Before this, companies such as Microsoft and Uber canceled financial support for the organization, leaving an insurmountable one. The funding gap.
Observers said that the closure of the company shows that members of large technology companies have increasingly different policy goals, and Microsoft particularly wants to distance itself from its Silicon Valley counterparts.
"Microsoft has realized that it does not want to be associated with Google, Facebook, and Amazon," said Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Markets Institute, an antitrust movement organization. "It's really simple."
Some smaller technology companies are also frustrated because their priorities are inconsistent with the agendas of large technology companies.
Luther Lowe, Yelp's director of public policy, wrote on Twitter: "A few years ago, this institution could save itself by driving away all people with a market value of more than $500 billion." Yelp left in 2019. The association. "A few years ago, I made this proposal to the leadership, but it was rejected, so we withdrew."
A person familiar with Microsoft's decision-making stated that the company no longer considers participating in the work of the US Intelligence Review Service to be valuable. The membership fee is calculated based on the company's size and income.
An earlier report by Politico showed that the largest donors, including Microsoft, pay between US$800,000 and US$1 million per year.
Although Microsoft is the second most valuable technology group in the United States, it has been able to avoid the recent antitrust concerns of the US Congress. Unlike the CEOs of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon, Satya Nadella of Microsoft was excluded from the sensational Congressional hearing in July 2020 Outside the meeting, other CEOs were summoned to accept lengthy questions.
In any actions announced by President Joe Biden's Federal Trade Commission, Microsoft has not yet become the focus.
The company underwent a lengthy antitrust review in the early 21st century and was almost spun off. Today, the company boasted of closer cooperation with regulators. Microsoft president Brad Smith sent an internal memo to employees in June outlining the company's strategy.
The memo shared by the company with the Financial Times read: “Some people in the technology industry often complain loudly about the risks of regulation. There are real risks and they need a fair hearing.” But as a company, we Will continue to focus more on adapting to regulation rather than confronting it. "
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