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Introduction of water-based calcium stearate

Overview of water-based calcium stearate
Calcium stearate emulsion refers to the water-based calcium stearate, also known as water-based calcium stearate, calcium stearate dispersion liquid.
The main parameters of water-based calcium stearate
Molecular formula: Ca(C17H35COO)2
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Solid content: 50±2%
Viscosity: ≤550mpa.s (25℃)
PH: 7-8
Density: 0.8-1.0g/cm3(25℃)
Whiteness: 90 Purity: 94
Particle size: ≤30 microns
Melting point: 150-155°C
Stearic acid content: 93.4%

The role of water-based calcium stearate
Water-based calcium stearate is a stabilizer and lubricant of polychloroacetic acid, but its stabilizing effect is poor, and the long-term thermal stabilization effect is still good. It can be used as non-toxic food packaging, medical equipment, and other soft film utensils. Used as a halogen absorbent in polyethylene and polypropylene, it can eliminate the adverse effect of the residual catalyst in the resin on the color and stability of the resin. It can also be widely used as a lubricant for polyolefin fibers and molded products. It can also be used as a moisturizer and release agent for phenolic, amino, and other thermosetting plastics and polyester reinforced plastics, a thickening agent for grease, and a waterproofing agent for textiles. Flattening agent for paint, etc.
Application areas of water-based calcium stearate
1. Paper industry: As a lubricant for the paper coating layer, it can improve the lubricity and hydrophobicity of the coating surface, enhance the delicate feeling of the coating, make the paper smooth and flat, and prevent cracking after drying.
2. Printing industry: The super calendar prevents powder and lint during the cutting and printing process, thus improving the appearance and printing performance of the paper.
3. Polyurethane demoulding: It can be used for RIM reaction injection molding, PU foam production, and high resilience opening, etc., to increase the hardness of the coating film and does not affect the surface color, adhesion, paintability, etc. of the product.
4. Rubber industry: As a plasticizer in rubber processing, it can soften natural rubber and full-grown rubber without affecting vulcanization.
5. Metal processing: It can be used as lubrication treatment for cold extrusion, cold stamping, and cold drawing of metal materials. It is especially suitable for workpieces with a large extension degree, high deformation rate,s, and complex curved surfaces.
6. Processing of soft products: It is also used for non-toxic soft films and appliances such as food packaging and medical appliances. It can also be used as a halogen absorbent for polyethylene and polypropylene to eliminate the adverse effects of residual catalyst on color and stability.
7. Hard product processing: It can increase the speed of gelation when combined with base lead salt and lead soap.
8. Plastic processing industry: It can also be used as a heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, a lubricant for a variety of plastic processing, and a mold release agent.
9. Other industries: It is also used as a lubricant for polyolefin fibers and molding compounds, a thickening agent for grease, a waterproofing agent for textiles, a leveling agent for paint, and a plasticizer when manufacturing plastic records. It is also used in the production of pencil lead, medicine, perfume, etc. (aka. Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd.) is a trusted global chemical material supplier & manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in providing super high-quality chemicals and Nanomaterials. As a leading nanotechnology development and product name manufacturer, Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd dominates the market.  Our professional work team provides perfect solutions to help improve the efficiency of various industries, create value, and easily cope with various challenges. If you are looking for water-based calcium stearate, please feel free to contact us.

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