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Is fumed silica an oil thickener

In addition to providing good thickening and stability and allowing the system to exhibit elasticity to large strains, fumed silica can also be used as a thickening additive in formulated greases. As an additive to formulated greases, fumed silica can provide an additional level of rheological tailoring. Fumed silica has a chain-like particle structure that bonds together to trap liquid, thereby increasing viscosity. Add to thicken and increase the transparency of the paint. Stirring or brushing paint containing fumed silica will cause it to flow, but the paint will 'thicken up' again when stopped. Fumed silica, or pyrogenic silica, is an amorphous, synthetic silica produced by vapor phase hydrolysis of chlorosilanes in a hydrogen-oxygen flame. Primary particles are fused into branched, three-dimensional secondary particles or aggregates in the flame process. Fumed silica is synthesized from the hydrolysis of high-purity silane in a flame of oxygen and hydrogen at over 1000. The raw material, silane, is synthesized through a reaction of metallurgical silicon, which is obtained through a reduction of mineral silicon dioxide (SiO2) with cokes and hydrogen chloride. Hydrophobic fumed silica hinders moisture integration into the epoxy binder system and, in so doing, eliminates one possible source of moisture that can have a negative effect during the curing process of an epoxy coating system—pigmented grout coat over troweled epoxy mortars. Fumed silica is a non-toxic, non-harmful material. It is not combustible or explosive. Fumed silica is not listed as a carcinogen by OSHA, IARC, or NTP. Due to its fineness and thinness, fumed silica can easily become airborne, making it an inhalation risk, capable of irritating. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Fumed silica, or if you require the latest price of Fumed silica, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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